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17 days ago

Strange blackening on my Asian pear: what is it?

Hi there! I noticed on my Hosui bare rooted plant these blackenings in correspondence of the cuts. According to the nursery it is a fungal disease and gave me a new one....

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18 days ago

Which kind of coriander is the one credited or certified with the most intense flavor?

I live in Finland where the coriander found (Coriandrum sativum) at the supermarkets has a very poor taste, not to say any at all. I will like to grow a variety of coriander...

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19 days ago

Bug on my kale

I am wondering what this is and how to protect my Italian kale

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21 days ago

Spinach leaves

Round Ball like shaped on the edge of the spinach leaves

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21 days ago

Guava fruit damage

My small about 2m high Guava tree has more than 50 Guava fruits. But all these fruits have a damage in the middle of the fruit & the taste of the fruit is different that is...

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22 days ago

What can cause such disease?

I have two candidates (Fusarium and Verticillium) so far. Again, samples are not available.

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22 days ago

Leafspot on winter wheat, what is the pathogen?

Winter wheat, previous crop - wheat. White leafspot, oval in shape, with dark margins are common on 70% of plants. Unfortunately, I have no samples to do microscopic analysis...

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Baby corn

Are baby corn crop infested with pests and diseases? If so, what are the pests and diseases and their possible management. Regards

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23 days ago

Aloe has black spots

What is the cause of black spots on some of my aloes.

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23 days ago

Dry fronds in oil palm

My oil palm plantation is just about 2 years old now, I suddenly observe recently that the fronds of the plants have started yellowing and drying from the older fronds to the...

Uyo, Nigeria
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27 days ago

avocado growth stages in kenya

How long does a grafted avocado seedling in Kenya take to bear fruits?

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28 days ago

Floral distortion like appearance in mustard

What could be the probable cause of floral distortion in a mustard crop which is also having a heavy infestation of aphids. Thanks!

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29 days ago


I am a farmer in Somalia, and I have a problem with my Banana plants. Is it possible to know the cause and the treatment. Thanks and much appreciation to you.

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30 days ago

Bell pepper problem

Hi to everyone. My bell peppers are turning black. What is the problem of these plants? Can you please help me?

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about 1 month ago

Peach trees disease?

I have several trees infected with the same disease. The oldest leaves are the most damaged. The leaves have small yellow spots and purple stains. ---Update----- Thank you for...

Costa rica
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about 1 month ago

Asimina Triloba or Pawpaw pest control?

Hi there, I didn't found Asimina Triloba in the "specific plant" area so I made this one in general question. I have two Asimina Triloba (pawpaw) and I noticed that a flower...

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about 1 month ago

Onion pest control

How to control pests like trips and aphids on onion plant and what can be used to make leaves colorful and shinny. Please guide about pesticides. Region: Balochistan,...

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about 1 month ago

Leaves don't look that good

My leaves look like this. Is something wrong? It's a black avocado and it is planted in Tampa, Fl. It does have some fruit on it.

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about 1 month ago

Manual inoculation under greenhouse of the rice yellow mottle virus with 3 varieties of rice

Which is the composition of the plug of inoculation for the rice yellow mottle virus? How to proceed so that the inoculation be successes ?

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about 1 month ago

Avocado (Aguacate)

Necrosis on tips of avocado leaves. It appears in old leaves of the growth of the previous cycle in all the tree. (Necrosis en puntas de las hojas de aguacate. Se presenta en...

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about 1 month ago

Planting of cocoyam

Can the Corm of cocoyam be planted instead of the sucker ?

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about 1 month ago

Identifying and troubleshooting cauliflower diseases

Concerning dicoloration of leaves. Insect's or fungus? ---Update--- Here you go. Just discovered progression of what seems to be a fast spreading. Hope picture helps.

South Georgia
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about 1 month ago

Spikes are without seed

Spikes are without seed. This is found in patches, especially at the bounds of the field. There are no symptoms in the adjacent wheat field. What could be the cause.

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about 1 month ago

Powdery mass on wheat leaves and on Awns

Powdery mass on wheat leaves and awns, symptoms resembles powdery mildew of wheat. Please identify the same. Thanks!

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about 1 month ago

Problem with my cucumber plants

The leaves of the cucumber plants become white and then brown-yellow in color. Fruits are bending. Also, some insects are eating the leaf surface. Please provide some control...

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