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Gourd disease

What is the reason for drying of gourd leaves? The plant is growing well and produces healthy leaves but one month later the leaves are drying out.

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18 days ago

What causes the disease?

What is this disease on my cucumber. Is it possible to know the cause and treatment?

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18 days ago

Problem in my pak choi garden

I would like to know what causes soft spot in the pak choi garden and what I can use to combat this problem.

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20 days ago


How can I download all images at a time from plant village?

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20 days ago

Mango seedling leaf diseases.

Hello so I am growing a mango plant indoors the plant is 3 months old, but the last 1 month is a hell for me since the plant is suffering from few leaf diseases. If you could...

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22 days ago

What is happening to my avocado tree?

This is a young Persea Americana avocado tree. The leaves are starting to get brown shading/spots. Does anyone know what is happening to it? How do I fix the problem so that my...

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21 days ago

What is happening to my Mango tree?

Does anyone know what is happening to my mango tree leaves? The brown parts on the leaves are crispy and getting worse on the leaves. I also can't see any new growth on the...

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22 days ago

Pruning orchard

I am planning to prune my orchard, but in my place it is the end of winter and expecting rain in the coming week. Can I prune the orchard? Any suggestion will be appreciated.

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22 days ago

The time for fertilizing

How to fertilize grapes and when is the best time to do it? Please introduce me some handbooks too. Thanks

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23 days ago

Spotted leaves of Mango Tree

What is ailing my mango tree in South Florida? Is it the same thing affecting my avocado tree? Leaves are spotted and it won't bare fruit after blossoming? Help!

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23 days ago

Problem with Avocado Tree

What is wrong with this Avocado tree? In South Florida, lots of blossoms. How do I treat the problem?

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23 days ago

Complete yellowing of wheat leaves.

The wheat plants are showing yellowing with burning like features. When this picture taken cold and moist climatic conditions were prevailing with a minimum night temperature of...

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23 days ago

Yellowing of wheat leaves

A Major portion of wheat leaves is yellow with brown spots in random. Leaves enclosed with brown spot area become dead. Can someone help me in identifying the disease. Is it...

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24 days ago

Watermelon leaves Turing brown

What would be causing this to happen. Also my second picture is there anyway to save it . It was fine yesterday

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26 days ago

Brown leaves on my Avocado Tree

The tree has produced for over 3 years, we had about 40 avocados past year. Now the leaves are brown and the bottom has new sprouts and some green leaves. We are in Central...

Orlando, Fl.
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What is the problem with my celery leaves?

The leaves of celery seedlings are drying. Also the seedlings appear not growing. What is the cause? Please let me know how to correct this problem.

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27 days ago

Orange tree with sticky leaves

I have a little citrus tree as a houseplant; recently it's developed a sticky substance on its leaves, which are beginning to droop and fall. What treatment should I follow?

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28 days ago

Clear jelly appearing on my baby pumpkins....

So, I started seeing these "clumps" of clear-jelly on the baby pumpkins, and when I took my hand and wiped it off of my baby pumpkins, there were these baby worms crawling out...

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28 days ago

papaya leaf deficiency

My papaya leaves are drying and falling off. At first I removed all the affected leaves and disposed them, but it all started again after some times. I have other papaya plants,...

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30 days ago

Why my star ruby grapefruit has deformed leaves?

Hi there! I bought this star ruby grapefruit 2 months ago. It arrived with these deformed young leaves. After some days appeared the chlorosis and after a spray of...

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30 days ago

Need help identifying this pest/disease

Not sure if the white flecks are insects, eggs or spores. I have two lemongrass plants. The white flecks have only infested the much younger plant . - finally managed to get...

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30 days ago

Why my grapefruit and pomelo have rolled up leaves?

Hi there! In September I bought two plants of Pomelo e a Oroblanco grapefruit. When they arrived I noticed that their basal leaves were rolled up. What can it be according...

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30 days ago

Chili turning brown

What could be the cause and what will be a good solution? We have already incurred losses for the past 3 months. We tried fungicide but did not help. Thank you.

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about 1 month ago

Hole in side of early eggplants

The first fruit from the plant seems to exhibit this opening of the flesh. New fruit has matured much quicker, without this issue. I did observe some stink bug eggs on a...

Melbourne, Australia
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about 1 month ago

I want to grow a coconut to produce a coconut tree.

Can I plant a green coconut that has just fallen from the tree or do I need to wait for it to 'ripen' and turn brown? I can hear the liquid sloshing inside of both the brown and...

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