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about 5 hours ago


what cloud av be de cause of drying de leave of cocoa.

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about 13 hours ago

Problem with tomato

Please help me to identify the problem with tomato!!!

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2 days ago

Leaf miners of long legged flies

These long legged flies live only on the plants with broader leaves like beans, bottle gourd, Lab Lab, matured beet. Those leaf tissues are eaten by their larvae in a matter of...

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2 days ago

Baby cucumber diseases

I am in Vietnam, with humid tropical climate, I often encounter this problem on my cucumber, with symptoms as shown, only two days after it will get worse, I did not know how...

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4 days ago

Small holes in leafs

I recently repotted my aloe plant into a larger (glass) pot. I used the same bag of soil I originally put it in. A few days ago I noticed white stuff growing in certain parts of...

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5 days ago

Pumpkin: Problem from possible stings or rot?

I have had prolific flowering on my test bed of Flat White Boer pumpkin, but most of the fruit (?) did not develop. It showed signs of stings when still very tiny, turn...

Wellington, South Africa
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6 days ago

coffee tree

Im trying to start a very young coffee tree & am getting brown spots on it & the leaves droop down. Am I just watering it to much. It's in the house

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6 days ago


I am just starting a avocado tree. I started it from the pit & it's about a foot high now. The leafs are curling under. am I watering it to much or to little

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9 days ago

how to treat termite infestation in mango tree

Please guide me how to treat mango tree stem infestation with termites. The tree is Goa, India where I live. I have scraped the termite from the tree trunk for height of about...

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12 days ago

A bitter African eggplant green variety.

Where can I purchase seeds in the US for this plant. It is native to Suriname and I Love eating it,but cannot find seeds..Thank you.

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19 days ago

Tomato (Moneymaker) - Fruit damage

As per my previous question on the Moneymaker cultivar - these are now photos as requested on the fruit harvested this week. A total of 1,5kg. As can be seen some fruit has no...

Wellington, South Africa
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20 days ago

Brown holes in Indian eggplant

Hi are you able to see the brown spots with ants in there ? Is that a bug or just ants ? If anybody has come across this pls help me with the prevention of this.

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21 days ago

Bug identification

I found these two bugs when harvesting spinach. The first looks like a borer type - about 6mm in lenght. I have seen the second type bug before, but can't remember the name. Can...

Wellington, South Africa
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22 days ago

What's the problem with this star ruby grapefruit?

I have this star ruby grapefruit in a pot. I noticed this strange brown spots on the back of some younger leaves. These young leaves where lightly affected by whiteflies...

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23 days ago

Chilli plant stunted growth. Bulbs growing between leafs

My chilli plants normal growth practically stopped and noticed some green bulbs growing between the leaf stems. Does anyone know what's the cause and treatment, please? Latest...

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24 days ago

Mango disease

Each year mangoes fruits have worms what can I do to help me control or put a stop to it

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What is this disease on my tomatoes

This disease infected my farm so please give me an answer

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24 days ago

Pears won't get any bigger

I have an older pear tree that will only produce really small pears . Every year I have tons of pears but they will not get big . Added another tree to see if that would help...

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25 days ago

Pumpkin: Problem from possible stings or rot?

I have cut these two young pumpkin off this morning when I noticed the "bad" spots. Any idea what this is caused by and what it is called. I tried googling, but could not find...

Wellington, South Africa
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27 days ago

What are these earthworms doing on my banana bush?

In one banana tree out of many I found what appears to be earthworms in the crotch of the base of the leaf next to the tree..where water collects. It also has a large amount of...

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27 days ago

Dwarf Cavendish

I am interested in banana breeding (Dwarf Cavendish for a climate resistance variety, especially for Fiji), can anyone please suggest where can I get a good trial materials...

Fiji and Brisbane
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27 days ago

The tiller of rice is curved and this plant are not tillering.

Can somebody help me here? Can give me the factor of this disease on my rice? These symptoms randomized on my field in Viet Nam.

cần thơ, việt nam
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28 days ago

can someone please upload sugarcane disease images

Hi team, can someone upload sugarcane disease images, please?

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30 days ago

My oregano plant has developed significant rust on its leaves just as it is ready to harvest.

I will strip most of the leaves before drying. Is it still safe to eat given their will still be some rust affected leaves in the final product.

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29 days ago

Tomato (Moneymaker) - Leaf curling and browning

These are images from Planting 1 - Tomatoes (Moneymaker), transplanted on 16/09/2016, no dig, permaculture bed, square foot planting. The leaves are withered, browning, curling...

Wellington, South Africa
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