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about 11 hours ago

I want to grow a coconut to produce a coconut tree.

Can I plant a green coconut that has just fallen from the tree or do I need to wait for it to 'ripen' and turn brown? I can hear the liquid sloshing inside of both the brown and...

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24 days ago

leaf miners

what type of insecticide do I use for leaf miners on basil leafs and basil plants

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30 days ago

White lines on okra

I have okra plant which has been producing fruits since 2 months. Now there are white lines on the okra fruit. Is it due to fly? Spider? All okra fruits are suffering from the...

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about 1 month ago

Mystery fruit

Hi, A friend of mine found this fruit and we are wondering what it is. Thank you

Syracuse, NY
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about 1 month ago

Question on animal feed in Tanzania

First of all so sorry for just asking a question that doesn't involving a crop. But I used to ask from here because I know I will get some help from you. I am just looking for...

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about 1 month ago

Leaf miners of long legged flies

These long legged flies live only on the plants with broader leaves like beans, bottle gourd, Lab Lab, matured beet. Those leaf tissues are eaten by their larvae in a matter of...

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about 2 months ago

A bitter African eggplant green variety.

Where can I purchase seeds in the US for this plant. It is native to Suriname and I Love eating it,but cannot find seeds..Thank you.

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about 2 months ago

Bug identification

I found these two bugs when harvesting spinach. The first looks like a borer type - about 6mm in lenght. I have seen the second type bug before, but can't remember the name. Can...

Wellington, South Africa
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2 months ago

My oregano plant has developed significant rust on its leaves just as it is ready to harvest.

I will strip most of the leaves before drying. Is it still safe to eat given their will still be some rust affected leaves in the final product.

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3 months ago

chilli flower dying

the plant is healthy and showing no signs of distress the flower forms and turns brown as I believe it should then the stem holding it dies and it falls off the plant.

Fife Scotland
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3 months ago

How to use zinc sulphate heptahydrate in agriculture?

Hi there! I would like to know how to use zinc sulphate. I bought zinc sulphate heptahydrate and will spray it on my pecans. I read values for zinc sulphate (36%). I...

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3 months ago

Need help calculating amount of seeds for a 384 sq/ft area!

I need some help calculating how much seed I would need to plant the following vegetables, each in a 384 sq/ft area: Carrots (384 sq/ft) Beets (384 sq/ft) Spinach (384...

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4 months ago

time the pruning and fertilizing

Hi, when is the best time for pruning and fertilizing fruit trees?

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4 months ago

fertilizer application

DATA; Recommended rate 92kgN Crop spacing 5m by 5m Field area 1ha Fertilizer available UREA (46%) Qn: Determine the amount fertilizer to be applied per hill?

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4 months ago

How do I deal with a squash bug infestation

This year I had a total infestation of squash bugs - completely wiped out two varieties of pumpkin. How can I prepare my garden for next year to minimize the squash bug threat?

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4 months ago

artichoke seeds

How do I store artichoke seeds for the winter? for that matter, any seeds?

New Jersey
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4 months ago

fertilizer calculation by compound method

DATA;;; recommended rate,, 60kg of Nitrogen/ha and 13kg of P2O5/ha fertilizer available; UREA(46%N) and DAP(18:20) area= 5mx3m Qn;...

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4 months ago

avocado seed problem with skin getting red dots at the cleavage fissure

im in the midst of sprouting an avocodo seed. it wouldnt show movement at the cleavage line so i -Dont make fun- started singing to it. it worked, the fissure line started to...

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4 months ago

Find a App

Is there a App for plantvillage, I read some where there is a App I went to the App Store and could not fine any reference to one.

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4 months ago

Ginger leaves turn brown and dry out

Hi All. I have a small ginger garden and it is planted 6 month back. Now I have noticed that the all the leaves(starting from lower) are turning brown and dry out. But the...

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5 months ago

ants in the potted soil

some of my plants like avocado and others suddenly was not doing well and then i started inspect for infestation but couldn't find anything yet it i saw that my soil was full of...

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5 months ago

Iron toxicity

What quantity of iron can be toxic to vegetable crops?

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5 months ago

Iron and Magnesium required for vegetable crop

Please provide information on what quantity of iron and magnesium required for vegetable crops from germination to harvest?

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5 months ago

Forced dormancy of fruit trees

Please let me know how to force fruit trees into dormancy in autumn? Thanks.

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5 months ago

Urine Fertilization On Lime Trees

Hi I have been hearing about Urine fertilization. I want to try it out on my lime trees because I have been wasting this vital resource for years flushing it down the toilet....

Trinidad & Tobago
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