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about 1 month ago

Blackberries dying before ripening

My 3 year old blackberry plant is huge, has tons of flowers but the fruits are starting to die before it ripens (Also it seems the plant is flowering little too early). I had...

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5 months ago

Unknown damage

Not sure what is going on here as I am new to gardening and especially growing blackberries. Leaves started with grayish/white markes that you see in pic number 2 then turned...

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7 months ago

Larvae in blackberries

Hello! I´m a blackberry producer and I´ve been notice some larvae in the fruit. I show you a picture. Do you recognize them? Can you help me? Thank you.

Sintra, Portugal
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9 months ago

Leaf spots & bug w/ web on blackberry leaves

There are spots on my wild (transplanted 2-3 wks. ago from bank of a creek in Oklahoma) blackberry bush (see pic), and a silky dense web in the center valley of two leaves near...

Lawton, Oklahoma
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9 months ago

Blackberry branches falling off

Each spring my thornless blackberry shrub gets some kind of branch fall off. Some branches fall off at the very bottom of the plant. I have tried to closely look at the ends of...

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9 months ago

Blackberry problems

We have thornless blackberry vines that yield a lot of large berries. The problem is a good share of them have some dried brown seeds and also clear/whitish ones that look...

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10 months ago

Fruit didn't develop

My blackberries never fully developed, they blossomed, and then didn't produce a fully developed berry. The plant looks healthy, and some berries have started forming on a...

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about 1 year ago

blackberry pest

last fall we were getting larvae in our ripened blackberries. What are they & is there a treatment?

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about 1 year ago

Leaves yellowing & drying on the edges

The leaves are yellowing and look dry on the edges. They are mature , in containers, outdoor partial shade, and get watered regularly. What could this be?

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almost 2 years ago

Curled leaves

I have coopers thornless blackberry plants, the canes coming up for next years Berrys some are ok but others are coming up with very tightly curled leaves. Can you tell me...

Central penna.
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almost 2 years ago

White seeds

My berries have a lot of white seeds. What causes this and how do I remedy it?

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almost 3 years ago

Help identifying blackberry insect

I've been seeing some of these insects in my blackberry soil, I don't know if they are beneficial or not. How to get rid of them if I had to

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almost 4 years ago

whats wrong with my blackberries?

Would anybody be able to tell me what is causing this to happen to my blackberries? Many of the berries have this pink colour but some are perfect. The berries taste quite tart...

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about 4 years ago

Growing blackberry in FL

Hey! I love blackberrys and I would really like to grow them in the yard. I hear they prefer cold temperatures, what are the chances I could grow them here in Florida? I'm just...

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