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28 days ago

What can cause such disease?

I have two candidates (Fusarium and Verticillium) so far. Again, samples are not available.

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8 months ago

Beet leaf stalks have hard brown spots

My beets have these symmetrical brown spots on the leaf stems. Leaves are fine, beets are fine. These spots are raised up (i.e. a side view will show a bump). Some look like...

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11 months ago

Problem with beets

What's up with these beet leaves? They are really struggling.

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over 2 years ago

How to control blister beetles?

I've been having issues with Blister Beetles eating my Swiss Chard and beet greens. Does anyone have any advice on how to get rid of them?

Orrtanna, PA
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over 3 years ago

Beetroot leaves really dry!

Hi, my beetroot leaves are really really dry, if I touch them they broke. It's been raining for days and today it was a sunny day, whats the problem? what do I do? should I...

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