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3 months ago


What causes wilting of beans despite the fact that there is enough moisture in the soil

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4 months ago

Colorless leaves

Apparition of a colorless bands and spots on several leaves, I think that is more of a mineral deficiency, what do you think? and Thank you.

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5 months ago

Thick white layer in the pod

I've noticed a thick-ish white layer inside the pods of the beans that wasn't there in the first two harvests. I haven't noticed any mold or disease on the leaves or the beans,...

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6 months ago

Two weeks old common bean plants

Brown dry lessons in two-week old common bean plants

Zamorano, Honduras
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6 months ago

Help please

Can anyone tell me what's wrong with my pole beans please. The leaves I cut off were very curled and crispy around the edges.

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6 months ago

Help please

My yellow bush beans died and when I pulled them out I found this on the roots. Do you know what it is? And what can I do about it.i have pole beans in the same place, are they...

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6 months ago

Bush beans

Bush beans reach first leaf stage then stall for four weeks then die with wilting leaves. could it be a fungus. Also affecting tomatoes and potatoes

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8 months ago

Bluelake bush beans

Could you please tell me what you think this is?Iv not seen anything like this before in my many years of gardening.The weather here in Oregon has gone from the 80s one week to...

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8 months ago

What are these bugs on my bean plants?

These are on my bean plants. What are they? Look like ladybug. Could they be causing these holes?

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8 months ago

Aphid problem

How do I get rid of aphids? I think they are eating holes in my greenbeans.

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9 months ago

What is going on with my bean plants?

What is going on with my plants? It's mainly on the green bean plants. What should I do?

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10 months ago

Bean and pea rhizonium bacteria

Aloha, I am looking for a product I used to get for pea and bean problem. It was a powder packet where you pour a little into the seed packet to inoculate the seeds. I have not...

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11 months ago

How to grow kidney beans successfully?

I am extension specialist here. Farmers of my area are cultivating kidney beans for the first time. Some farmers have sown the crop at commercial level , can you suggest a...

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over 1 year ago

Brown spots and white lines on my bean plants

Can someone tell me what are the brown spots and white lines on my bean plants? I cut off a lot of the leaves with the brown spots already. What else can be done?

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over 1 year ago

What's eating my young scarlet runner beans?

My scarlet runner bean plants are healthy and growing very well. However, I have noticed that as soon as the flowers have died, the immature bean which would normally develop...

Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
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almost 2 years ago

Bean problems

I have few problems in my bean plants. Some have like a deficiency, i presume its potassium but i'm not sure. the other image shows some has white coating its not mildew, this...

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about 2 years ago

Technical information for cultivating beans

I need technical information and guidelines on the step by step cultivation of beans. i have been able to acquire several hectares of land and now I want to cultivate beans on...

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about 2 years ago

Spots on bean leaves

my bean leaves are having these white transparent spots ?! Any clue ? Living in a raised bed in a green house with a 24C temperature

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over 2 years ago

Disease of bean

The younger leaves are brown/rust colored, cup shaped, pods are small and black in color, Can it be a viral disease?

Mizoram, India
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over 2 years ago

Rusty color spots on the long bean plant leaves

Can anyone tell me what is causing the rusty brown color spots on the long bean plant? I tried cleaning it but it doesn't rub off. I see tiny black spots on the bottom side too....

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over 2 years ago

Mosaic virus on runner beans

For the first time on our allotments a number of plots seem to have attracted runner bean mosiac virus. what causes this and how can we cure it?

South Wales
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over 3 years ago

How will I know when my green beans are done producing?

I would like to plant a fall garden and I have limited space. I don't see hardly any little beans hanging on my green bean bushes so I'm wondering if they are finished. Can I...

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over 3 years ago

Bush bean spacing

How many bush beans can I grow productively in 1 square foot? I am reading that 9 will fit but this seems like quite a lot of plants for the space. Does anyone have experience...

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almost 4 years ago

How do you keep weevils from destroying beans if you don't have a freezer?

Every year I find a few weevils in one or two varieties of beans when it's time to plant them. I know the usual way to prevent eggs from hatching is to make sure the beans are...

northern California
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almost 4 years ago

Companion cropping corn with beans

Has anybody ever tried planting corn and beans? I'm thinking the three sisters minus one, allowing pole beans to freely climb the corn. I've heard mixed reviews so I'd like to...

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