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about 1 month ago

leaf miners

can you eat leaves that have been affected by leaf miners

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4 months ago

Leafminers on basil

I am living in Hawaii and trying to grow basil in an individual pot. I looked around the plant village website and found out the black lines I am seeing on the leaves of my...

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4 months ago

White spots on basil?

Hi everyone, My basil plants recently developed these white spots. It's an infestation of some sort, but I can't tell of what or what to do about it. I have other herbs...

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5 months ago

My Basil plant is not growing and its dying.

I have provided some photographs of my basil plant. Kindly suggest some remedy. The leaves are drying and dying. Also there are holes in the leaves and it seems some insects...

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5 months ago

My Basil plant is not growing and its dying.

As provided in the picture there are brown spots and holes in the leaves of my basil plant. Also the leaves are getting dried from the side and slowly falling. There are yellow...

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7 months ago

Raised round appearance

My Basil has green healthy leaves. I went to pick some and the topside of the leaf has small round raised areas in the leaves more toward the tip area . The leaf looks healthy...

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8 months ago

White/brown boils/sores on my basil over a month or so

My basil was wonderful till these white/brown boils/sores started showing up near the lower stem, it's spread almost to the top now despite sprinkling generic pesticide twice...

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8 months ago

How to treat white spots on my basil plant?

It's not even aphids :( But I just noticed some time brown insects below.

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9 months ago

What are these spots on the basil leaves?

What spots are on the leaves and how are they treated ? Appeared a few days ago. Leaves behind a certain sign.

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11 months ago

Why are leaves of basil turning yellowish and reddish?

Terminal yellowish, reddish violet color in the leaves of basil (known as tulasi) - please help me to find the actual cause of this in the leaves.

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11 months ago

My basil gets attacked with 1cm long greyish grubs

My basil gets attacked with 1cm long greyish grubs eating the leaves and then causing leaves to curl around them. Leaves blacken where eaten. I'm in Australia.

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about 1 year ago

Sweet basil

My sweet basil has sticky substance on the leaves. The leaves and stems also have small brown spots that look like insects. They are not insects. What can this be, and what will...

McCalla, ala.
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over 1 year ago

What is wrong with my basil?

I purchased a basil plant from whole foods and growing it indoors in my sunny living room. It has been growing well, but has white specs on many of the leaves. There are more...

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over 2 years ago

Why are my basil leaves turning black

The leaves that are turning black don't fall off I just have been picking them off is it because they are ready to be picked or something else

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over 3 years ago

Basil turning yellow and leaves dropping off

My basil was doing really well until last week when the leaves started turning yellow and the leaves started dropping off. I put rabbit manure down and covered the plants with...

Bethlehem, CT
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about 4 years ago

Companion planting - what goes together?

I keep reading that I should plant basil next to my tomato plants to improve their flavor - how does this work? What else can I plant together?

South Carolina
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about 4 years ago

Aphids on plants

I am growing some basil and other herbs on my balcony and I just cant get rid of the aphids. I try to remove them all only for them to reappear!!! What can I do to get rid of...

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