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about 10 hours ago

Leaves don't look that good

My leaves look like this. Is something wrong? It's a black avocado and it is planted in Tampa, Fl. It does have some fruit on it.

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1 day ago

Avocado (Aguacate)

Necrosis on tips of avocado leaves. It appears in old leaves of the growth of the previous cycle in all the tree. (Necrosis en puntas de las hojas de aguacate. Se presenta en...

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8 days ago

Avocado tree leaves turing brown

Hi My 1 year old avocado tree's leave suddenly started turning brown about a month ago. At the same time all new growth stopped for two weeks. It has since grown new leaves...

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17 days ago

What is happening to my avocado tree?

This is a young Persea Americana avocado tree. The leaves are starting to get brown shading/spots. Does anyone know what is happening to it? How do I fix the problem so that my...

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18 days ago

Problem with Avocado Tree

What is wrong with this Avocado tree? In South Florida, lots of blossoms. How do I treat the problem?

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22 days ago

Brown leaves on my Avocado Tree

The tree has produced for over 3 years, we had about 40 avocados past year. Now the leaves are brown and the bottom has new sprouts and some green leaves. We are in Central...

Orlando, Fl.
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28 days ago

Browning leaves and one stem.

At the top of the tree the leaves are not brown and it growing really well, should I remove the brown leaves? Also, as you can see it has on stem straight up, just now it is...

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2 months ago


I am just starting a avocado tree. I started it from the pit & it's about a foot high now. The leafs are curling under. am I watering it to much or to little

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3 months ago

avocado spots

what is this spot, what causes it? how can I prevent it? and how do I treat it here is southern Florida zone 11

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4 months ago


Tiny fruit fails to stay on the tree and all falls off at once. Why?

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4 months ago

Avocado transplanted leaf pale diagnosis

Planted about 1 week ago, large hole with gravel at bottom and filled with store bought "native mix" soil in Southern California. Is this water related or something else. Not...

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6 months ago

Transparent & Curling New Growth

We have only been having these issues for the past few weeks, shortly before repotting into a larger pot as she was rooted out. The new growth began to get lighter and lighter...

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6 months ago

To prune or not to prune

We started our avocado from a pit a little more than a year ago. Once the roots came out and the foliage began to show we planted it into a small pot. Shortly into Spring we put...

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6 months ago

No flowers on my avocado tree

I have about 10 avocado trees that were planted over fifteen years that have never flowered. The leaves seem healthy but no flowers. What should i do?

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7 months ago

Avocado seed

I have tried several times to plant avocado seeds. Can someone help me figure out which side is the top (since seeds are round) and how to propagate them. Thank you

Jarrell, Texas
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8 months ago

Avocado tree with brown edges on the leaves, how do you fix it?

Avocado tree with brown edges on the leaves, how do you fix it?

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8 months ago

Avocado tree with brown edges on the leaves, how do you fix it?

Avocado tree with brown edges on the leaves, how do you fix it?

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8 months ago

Avocado leaves changing color

I am trying find out what is happening to my potted avocado tree. It is just about 1 year old. It has been growing really well but i am noticing that some of the leaves are...

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8 months ago

Avocado Problem

I am not sure if this is sun burn though my Avocados are shaded , i dont see any bugs but i see ants and usually thats not a good sign !? whats going on cheers reem

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9 months ago

Baby avocados turning black

We have a beautiful avocado tree that has a lot of large avocados on it and numerous small ones as well. We just noticed that a LOT of the baby ones are turning black. What is...

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9 months ago

Avocado problem

This avocado started having these brown dry spots ?

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11 months ago

Brown dried leaves on plant

My tree is grafted and is about two years old. Recently the leaves at the tip of each branch are dead and dried as tho the plant was lacking water. However, the tree is watered...

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12 months ago


My avocado tree is 10 years old . It flowers every year but doesn't set fruit. What could the problem be?

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12 months ago

Brown spots and curling leaves on Avocado

I've had this plant for 9 months at least. I first noticed leaf tip curling on the plant maybe a few months / a month ago. However that is not my main concern; I'm more worried...

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about 1 year ago

Chubby White leaves?

I have numerous Avocados growing from the pits. I have two however that don't have the green leaves like the others. They have what looks like chubby white leaves. They are not...

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