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7 months ago

Sugar Apple tree

same or maybe a different problem from my mangos !! this looks a bit more like a disease or a deficiency in a pot and growing well , never fed plz help reem

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9 months ago

Apples falling off tree

Is there anything I can do to stop or reduce the amount of apples falling off tree before they are ripe ?

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about 1 year ago

Egg identification

I found these eggs on the underside of an apple leaf. Help me in identifying these please

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about 1 year ago

Bad soursop fruits

Why do my soursop turn black and moldy before ripen. What's wrong with the tree or fruits. What is the solution? Hope someone can help.

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about 1 year ago

Apple scab

Are there chemicals available for spraying to avoid pathogen - host binding or anyway block binding sites in apple scab

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about 1 year ago

Life cycle of Apple scab disease

At which inoculum stage is venturia inequalis easy to curb, and what are the effective fungicides other than triazoles in curbing out mycelial growth?

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about 1 year ago

finding eggs

I found these eggs in my apple orchard what might they belong to?

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about 1 year ago

fungicide efficacy

What is the role of stickers while spraying fungicides in rainy season?

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about 1 year ago

Crabapple Tree not Flowering

We recently bought a house with an 8 year old crab-apple tree. The last occupant indicated it has not flowered. It is in full sun and not in wet soil. I have not had the soil...

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about 1 year ago

Red leaves

I have young Apple leaves just coming out. They have a reddish tint to it. Is this normal, or is it possibly a phosphate deficiency?

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over 1 year ago

I wonder what might this disorder be?

I suspect it is a physiological disorder: browning, manifestation of disease, defies usual pattern-less form, in this case being concentric browning of pith. The fruit did not...

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over 1 year ago

Spots and browning on apple

Can anybody help me with these spots on apple? Is it a fungal disease or biologic stress or something like spraying? Thank you so much

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over 1 year ago

Brown spots on leaves of ateyoma plant

I got this from a nursery in Florida, it went through the adjustment stress and got back on its feet but i found this brown spots on them and i cant tell if its a hot weather...

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about 2 years ago

Apple tree grafting compatibility

I have taken 12 tree grafts based on a grafting chart that came along with the rootstocks and 10 were successful yay :) but i lost the fruit tree family grafting charts and...

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over 3 years ago

How can I prevent wormy apples?

This fall my apple trees produced lots of apples, and nearly every one came with a worm. I suspect these are apple maggot worms. Can I do anything either during the winter or...

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almost 4 years ago

Too late to prune apple tree?

We have an apple tree growing at our summer house that is in desperate need of pruning. Unfortunately I only discovered it this week. I know that pruning is usually done when...

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almost 4 years ago

Cox Orange Pippin Apple trees

I have planted 3 Cox Orange Pippin Apple trees in my yard over the past 13 years. 1 is 3 years old, one is 8 and one is 12 years old. All were bought from different plant...

North Idaho
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about 4 years ago

Apple trunk lesion

Trying to figure out what is going on with this apple trees trunk it is about 3 years old.The lesion appears to be spreading growing. Any ideas and or treatments would be...

Albuquerque, NM Zone 7b
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about 4 years ago

When to fertilise crab apple?

I was wondering if it is necessary to fertilise the mature crab apple trees I have in my garden and if so when? Is it best to do this early in the Spring or does it matter? We...

York, UK
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about 4 years ago

Planting apple trees near cedar

I have been told by a friend (who also happens to live next door) that I should not plant apple trees in the yard as there are cedars growing in the area and they can get a...

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about 4 years ago

How to remove apple tree suckers

Our apple tree is producing extensive suckers and I’m worried about cutting them as I have been told that this will just make the tree produce even more of them. Any advice as...

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about 4 years ago

Apple tree did not blossom after pruning

We pruned our apple tree in February last year and it did not blossom at all all year. I remember there was a cold snap at some point soon after the tree was pruned. Was it...

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about 4 years ago

Pruning crab apple trees

My wife and I have inherited two apple trees in our new garden. They are growing next to the house and we know NOTHING about gardening. They are at least 10ft tall. A friend of...

York, UK
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