11 days ago

Kale Yellow Spots

My kale has yellow spots underneath and its killing my kale. Can you please tell me what it is and how to treat them.

The spots wash off with strong water pressure and a little rubbing and the leaf isn't damaged underneath. And a closer look at the kale revealed an infestation of worms (images attached).

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Thanks for the updates Carolyn. Agree with David, the yellow spots could be an egg mass of cross-striped cabbageworm. After hatching the larvae feeds on leaves by making holes and you can see green-brown frass (insect feces) on leaves. The caterpillar is green in color and hairy, with a velvet-like appearance; may have faint yellow to orange stripes down back.

Carolyn Bajoie 10 days ago

I cropped the picture to give you a more in depth picture to possibly give me your opinion as to what the spots may be. Hopefully this will work because the original picture looks really clear on my end.

David Hughes 10 days ago

It looks unusual. It appears to be a liquid but squinting I would also think butterfly eggs. Of course, many butterflies lay eggs on kale and all are bad

Why do you say the kale is dying ?

I would use a high pressure hose/hand held sprayer with water and spray the area to remove this

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