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Tomato seeds not germinating

I am having a problem in germinating the tomato seeds. First, I tried by placing seeds inside the paper towels and later in tiny individual pod trays but no result. Now I am thinking to buy the seedlings which seem to be a good deal. My question is what went wrong and which is the best way to germinate tomato seeds?

Fort Worth, Texas
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David Hughes 12 days ago

It is hard to say. It is recommended that you "check the germination" .

"Whether you are ordering fresh seed or using leftover seed from your last crop - check
the germination. You should place 10 or 20 seeds between two layers of damp paper towel. Place
the paper towels in a plastic bag and set this in a warm place in your house. You should have
germination in 3 - 5 days. Count the number of seeds that have germinated (you can see the
taproot extending out from the seed). You can then calculate the percentage of germination for
this seed lot.
Seed should be stored in a sealed container - in your refrigerator. Seed that is properly
stored should remain viable for over a year. The sealed container helps to stabilize the relative
humidity around the seeds. Refrigerator temperatures simulate winter conditions, and the seeds
will remain dormant. Seed should NEVER be stored in your greenhouse. "

You could have had
1) seeds past their expiry date
2) Too cold/too hot soil
3) crowding
4) not enough moisture

I think it probably too difficult to determine. Certainly buying seedlings is a good idea (but it is more expensive)

good luck

Jorge Hernandez 11 days ago

Germination process normally require to be in darkness, high relative humidity (90%) and a warm temperature (about 77°F). You can use peat moss as a substrate and sown the seeds in plastic trays.

Madhu Kappagantu 12 days ago

I usually keep the seed in dark under moist conditions for about 3-4 days for better germination.

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