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Asked the solution for mango malformation

Dear All,
In Myanmar, some mango happened such kind of malformation and may I know, what is this and how to manage it.
Best regards,
Myo Aung

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It could be a mango malformation disease caused by the fungal pathogen, Fusarium mangiferae. To confirm the pathogen it is better to send the sample to the phytopatological lab like as suggested by Mario.

Also, it looks like the leaves are infected with the red rust disease (algal disease) where the infected leaves exhibit circular greenish gray elevated spots which later turn to reddish brown. These spots may join together to form large irregular patches.

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Mario H.Podliszewski 19 days ago

It seems necrosis of apical buds caused by Pseudomonas syringae pv.syringae a very difficult bacteria,suggest to send a sample to a phytopatological lab to identify.

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