27 days ago

Leaves turning yellow

Hi, Plant village, I have a papaya plant of which its leaves are turning into yellow, could you kindly share why is that?, is it a deficiency issue??, If yes, what is it called? And how best to prevent it. Thanks.

I have several papaya plants in my farm.

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Amanda 27 days ago

This looks like a nitrogen deficiency. Here are some management tips to avoid this: https://www.plantvillage.org/en/topic....

Based on your photo I would recommend planting something to cover and protect your soil or adding a mulch layer so that soil and nutrients are not lost when it rains.

I think it is not a nitrogen deficiency. It could be viral disease. How many plants are infected in your farm? Is there any insect pests on the plant? And is there any symptoms on stem/leaf stalks? Also, it will help us if you upload some more close up images of infected leaves.

For more information on nutrients deficiency in papaya http://webappsiihr.in:8083/soilnutrie...

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