18 days ago

Lemon tree no leaves

I have one lemon tree. Two weeks ago I added much needed fertilizer. The tree has many lemons on it and some just started turning yellow yesterday, before yesterday it was all green for almost 4 months. Furthermore, there are almost no leaves on the plant for a while now, the ones that was there were all curled and covered by a shiny layer, I figured it leaf miners, so I removed all of them and sprayed the plant with an organic pesticide. Am I doing right here?

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Yellowing of lemon fruit may be due to sunburn. The lack of leaves resulting in direct exposure of fruit to the sun. Are you covering the tree during peak sun hours? And I think falling off leaves may be due to high temperature or other physiological factors. Since you are getting new growth, have a close eye on them and let us know if there are any changes in the leaves.

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