18 days ago

Tomato plant, sick or nutrition?

Hi, My name is Kareem. I live in Dubai and I am new to gardening. I have Tomatoes among other plants. Two weeks ago I added much needed fertilizer, most the tomato plants are doing well, but just two are acting strange. I added Cow Manure, Calcium in the soil and calcium to the leaves, Sea Weed to the soil and to the leaves and some Epsom Salt a week after fertilizers. The plant gets good sun all day long, I sometimes add a shade cloth during from 12:00pm-3:00pm.

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Kelsee Baranowski 17 days ago

Kareem, it appears your tomato might have Yellow Leaf Curl Virus. The yellowing of the leaves and how small/shriveled they appear (especially in the 3rd image) is consistent with this virus. It is described in the PlantVillage library here: https://www.plantvillage.org/en/topic.... Here are some more resources:

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