18 days ago

How plants grow in nature vs. how we make them grow

This is a question I've been thinking about for a while. I've always thought that mimicking nature is the best way, whether in gardening or elsewhere in life. Sometimes I notice that there are some gardening practices that don't mimic nature. I'll give a few examples:

- Avoid wetting foliage. Water at the roots. Watering foliage will increase the chance of plant disease. In nature, however, rain makes foliage wet all the time.

- Don't water everyday, or don't leave plants without water for too long. In nature, sometimes it would rain for months, and then it stops for months. I spoke to someone from Sri Lanka and he said that his banana trees in Sri Lanka are never fertilized, and they are only watered through rain, no irrigation whatsoever. Sometimes going for months with rain, sometimes months without rain and they fruit just fine.

What are your thoughts about this? Why is gardening like nature will be a failure in our gardens?

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