18 days ago

Cucumber plants not well

I live in Dubai and I am new to gardening. I have Cucumbers among other plants and I eat from my plant when it was on the ground 3 nice cucumbers. 3 weeks ago I got a thrips, then one week later I added much needed fertilizers and then things started to go south. (don't know if its the thrips or the fertilizer or the heat) I added cow manure, calcium to the soil and calcium to the leaves, sea weed to the soil and to the leaves and some Epsom Salt a week after fertilizers. The plant gets good sun but there is a big tree that offers some protection during parts of the day, but all in all I guess it gets 4-5 hours direct sun. The PH of the soil is 7 and the soil is mostly moist most of the time.

What is happening?

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Asem ebrahim 17 days ago

Dear Kareem, There seems to be a mite injury and you seem to have added extra doses of fertilizer. Stop adding fertilizer and give it good amounts of fresh water and treat the spider mites.

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