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High Alkaline Soil - Is peat moss a good solution?

Hi all. I tested my soil using a home kit soil tester and it showed that my soil is pretty alkaline (8 or more). Although I'm not sure how trustworthy the tester is, but it's possible since I live in Saudi Arabia and we rarely get rain. So my question is how should I increase my soil's acidity? I read that sulfur and peat moss are two ways of going about it. Since I couldn't find the appropriate sulfur here, I mixed some peat moss inside and around the soil of my plants (banana, mango, citrus trees, etc). Am I doing the right thing here? Or am I running a risk of excessive moisture for my plants?

Saudi Arabia
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Peat moss is not only helps in amending the alkaline soil, but it holds a significant quantity of water and supply to the plant's roots when required. So water the plants only when it is necessary.


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