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No lemons?

I have a lemon tree I have grown from seed and it is about 5 1/2 years old. I have never had one bloom or lemon on it, what can I do to help it grow lemons?

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The lemon tree grown from grafted seedling will produce fruit within two to three years after planting whereas tree grown from seeds may take five or more years to fruit or it may never produce fruit (since the plants grown from seeds are inferior and are not similar to the parent plant).

In general, the lemon plants grown in container require
1. A good drainage (make sure the drainage holes are not clogged)
2. Need consistent and regular watering (avoid dry out)
3. Should provide consistent nutrients by applying slow releasing fertilizers
4. Also, lemon tree needs high humidity (placing a lemon tree on a pebble tray or misting tree daily will help in maintaining high humidity).
5. The lemon tree is very sensitive to cold, so provide proper protection.


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