26 days ago

Which kind of coriander is the one credited or certified with the most intense flavor?

I live in Finland where the coriander found (Coriandrum sativum) at the supermarkets has a very poor taste, not to say any at all. I will like to grow a variety of coriander with good aroma. Any suggestions where to get the seeds? Now Springtime is here and also the right time to plant my garden.

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Ferdinand 24 days ago

Thank you so much for your kind answer. Your Huomenta is just perfect ! This is a huge advance when you arrived to Finland and you face the difficulties of this unique language, But that is the starting point. I have not advanced very much from there unfortunately, almost everybody here speaks at least 3 languages making my life easier !!!. I have an issue with coriander because it is very fundamental part of Latin American cuisine. And I miss it a lot. Of course there is coriander here but the taste of this extremelly industrial herbe grown ussualy in green houses is far from that intense fragance and taste I used to enjoy in Latin America. Also I use it a lot in Oriental cuisine. Now I found a japanesse company, SAKATA, selling very provocative varieties of Coriander like the GLADIATOR brand, but it seems they only sell whosale for the agroindustry. So far I have not found anything. Keep searching though...Thanks again for your encouragement... Ferdinand

David Hughes 26 days ago

Huomenta! (That is pretty much all I recall from living in Finland). That is a good question. I assume you have searched on-line. Each region has seed catalogues and web pages. This is a difficult question to answer outside on Finland as results people get are different depending on the location. I would do Google searches and look at the paid content- they are likely seed sellers. You should also contact local garden supply stores who often carry seeds.

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