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Cabbage family - disease

I have a problem with my young plants (cabbage family). The leaves of young plants are dying. The plants are transplanted two weeks back.
Thanks for any advice and help.
And best regards to all members of Plant Village.

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sione foliaki 2 months ago

Looks like your very young cabbages are suffering from not enough moisture, you need to watering the young plants and add fertilizers (foliar fert is best). The signs of hungry plants is shown on the older leaves (darker pinkish), also it is attack by Leafminer insects tunneling on the leaves.

Andreas 2 months ago

The damage you can see is caused by an insect called "leafminer". The adult insect stings in the leaf and put an egg into it. The larva will hatch later and start to feed mines.
I dont know a typical leafminer for cabbage. It could be the Allium-leafminer (Phytomyza gymnostoma, family: Agromyzidae)
I am not sure about the bright spots in the first picture.

Kelsee Baranowski 2 months ago

Yes it certainly looks to be caused by a leaf miner, heres some information on how to control them.

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