3 months ago

Increasing fruit heat

Can I increase the heat rating of my chillis if I feed them a combination of same heat chillies blended in a water based solution so that the capsaicin is taken up by the roots and goes into the chilli fruit. If not, why won't this work?

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Oops. That don't work so. If you need a pungent chilli, you must seeding a variety or hybrid naturally pungent (you must know, also there are sweet chillies)
You only must feed them correctly and not watering a lot.
Capsaicin is substance (alkaloid) sinthetized by Capsicum.
It is not feasible to add capsaicin to the soil, because simply, the roots of the plant would not absorb it.

David Hughes 3 months ago

No, that wont work. Roots take up water and metals. Capsaicin, is a different chemical (an alkaloid among and is only produced only in Capsicum fruits). The plant has not evolved to recognise it in soil and transfer it to the fruit. Because Capsaicin does not occur in the soil. Capsaicin is biosynthesized by the enzyme capsaicin synthase in placental tissues of Capsicum fruits

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