3 months ago

What is happening to my avocado tree?

This is a young Persea Americana avocado tree. The leaves are starting to get brown shading/spots. Does anyone know what is happening to it? How do I fix the problem so that my tree can be healthy again? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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Kortney 3 months ago

I just potted it not too long ago in new soil. I could repot it into a bigger pot if that would help. Also, I'm afraid part of its problem might be persea mites. I seem to have some indications of them, although I've never encountered or dealt with them before. Also, the water in my area is hard water, so I'm not sure how that affects the avocados. I have not fertilized this tree yet either.

David Hughes 3 months ago

It looks very stressed and I think a specific diagnosis is hard. You might want to change the pot, give a larger growing space and a nutritious soil. You might find that the plant is root bound

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