3 months ago

What can cause surface maceration of cucumber fruit in greenhouse?

Mature fruits of cucumber grown on hydroponics under optimal conditions (industrial glasshouse, winter rotation) became sticky and smell like semi-fermented (fresh-salted) cucumbers. Surface of the fruits macerated in 2 days inside plastic bag, but inner tissue was not affected.

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Michel Clark 3 months ago

Cucumber vines are sprawling and require lots space to develop. Vines may be skilled to grow on a trellis or fence. Providing burp less types with vertical aid allows the end result to dangle free and grow directly. Cucumbers additionally require a non-stop deliver of water and where drip irrigation is not being used, flora should be watered deeply as soon as per week, imparting at the least an inch of water. Shallow watering or watering much less frequently will reduce fruit yields. Mulches can be used to conserve soil moisture and black plastic mulch has the advantage of warming the soil.

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