3 months ago

Are these droplets of (sap?) on my papaya trunk and leaves normal and healthy?

Question: I have all these tiny droplets of sap or something dotting the trunk and leaves of my papaya plant. I've searched online for a possible cause, or even for reassurance that it's normal, but have been unable to find anything on the subject. Is this normal, and if it's not, any ideas on what it is/how to fix it? Thanks!

Background: Greetings. As a resident of the State of Washington, US, I am mostly unfamiliar with papayas and growing them. My climate doesn't treat papayas well. However, I've planted this one and keep it inside in a mylar grow tent under a 130W (actual wattage) LED full spectrum light pretty much 24/7. This plant is 6 months old, and is probably pretty small for it's age, and it has had an extensive spider mite infestation which severely stunted its growth, but with the liberal application of Avid miticide, that problem is over. Once the mites were eradicated, the papaya started growing like crazy. I am personally unsure if I can connect the sap droplets with mites, as there aren't any mites I can find anymore.

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Matt Osborne about 1 month ago

Thanks! The droplets were sugary, and 2 months later, I wasn't able to find any whiteflies, aphids, or mealybugs, so it must have been the plant's own excretions like David mentioned. I appreciate everyone's answers!

I worked a few years with papaya trees and I could see these droplets, mainly in the morning, when humidity was high. If droplets have no taste, they come from condensed water; but, if they have sweet taste is because come from aphids, whiteflies or mealybugs.

David Hughes 3 months ago

A common source of sugar droplets on plants are aphids, the other source being excretions by the plants themselves that they supply as extra floral nectaries. I agree with Lauren that this culprit here is likely due to insects (aphid)

Lauren Diepenbrock 3 months ago

That looks like honeydew droplets and exuvium in the final image. Check your plant for aphids, mealybugs, and whiteflies. They can easily be managed with Safer Soap if this is your problem.

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