3 months ago

Chilli plant leaf discolored and dry.

Hi everyone. I have a chili plant but its leaves are discolored and dry. I did check underside of it, no sign of thrips or insects. What is the likely reasons?

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LaurenDesouza 3 months ago

One of the maximum common reasons of leaves on Chilli plants is a deficiency of nutrients, mainly nitrogen. Chlorine in water, over Watering, and cool temperatures are also a reasons for Chilli plant’s leaf discolored and dry. I come to know that Chilli plants are strong plants and blossom in cold weathers with nominal rainwater.

Is your plant under shade? How is the weather?
It could be sun scald. Generally the hot and sunny weather causes blistered water soaked appearance on leaves and fruits which is followed by rapid desiccation resulting in the sunken area of white and gray color.

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