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Tomato (Moneymaker) - Fruit damage

As per my previous question on the Moneymaker cultivar - these are now photos as requested on the fruit harvested this week. A total of 1,5kg. As can be seen some fruit has no damage - although there may be marks and some deformity (Image 3 and 8) while others obviously has sting marks and were rotten inside. In some fruit the damage to the skin are limited to the skin and the inside of the fruit has not been affected. Image 10-11 show the rot in onw of the and small maggot-like creatures inside. I have just now sprayed with a mixture of Efekto Malasol and Efekto Virikop.

What insect causes this damage to the tomato fruit and do you have any suggestions as to pesticide application - remembering that I'm trying to stay as close to natural solutions as possible.

There are a sizeable number of fruit on the plants currently and I would like to spray before these are effected as well.

Wellington, South Africa
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David Hughes 5 months ago

I think this might be the dreaded Tomato Leaf Miner, Tuta absoluta.

Do you see any mines on the leaves


Imege 1: Virotic disease.
Image 2: Abiotic disease (catface)
Images 10, 11, 19 and maybe 18: Tomato fruitworm (Heliothis zea)

elawad 5 months ago

The pictures show various types of insect damage. Holes in a tomato are caused by the bollworm (a caterpillar)

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