4 months ago

Brown holes in Indian eggplant

Hi are you able to see the brown spots with ants in there ? Is that a bug or just ants ? If anybody has come across this pls help me with the prevention of this.

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David Hughes 4 months ago

I agree that ants have taken up residence. You should also check to see if they have hollowed out some of the soil and are nesting in it. I have regularly found ants in pots.

Lauren Diepenbrock 4 months ago

It looks like ants have taken up residence. You will probably lose part of our plant as they hollow out the stem. I've had this happen in tomatoes and removed the stem they occupied. After removing that stem, use a bait to control ants. You may wish to coat the base of clean stems with tanglefoot or petroleum jelly to deter further visits while you wait for the bait to knock back the colony. Note that petroleum jelly will wear off over time.

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