4 months ago

Bug identification

I found these two bugs when harvesting spinach. The first looks like a borer type - about 6mm in lenght. I have seen the second type bug before, but can't remember the name. Can anybody identify these please. Good bug, bad bug?

Wellington, South Africa
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David Hughes 4 months ago

I think bug 2 (red/black) is a red bug or fire bugs, The species is probably Cenaeus carnifex http://www.whatsthatbug.com/2014/01/2...

I dont see any notes that this is a pest of crops. It is a true bug and as such does feed on plants. There are numerous mentions on South African blog sites
The other one looks like a weevil

(Incidentally, I did a reverse image search on your picture and included "South Africa". First result was that insect and then I did "see similar images"

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