5 months ago

Chilli plant stunted growth. Bulbs growing between leafs

My chilli plants normal growth practically stopped and noticed some green bulbs growing between the leaf stems. Does anyone know what's the cause and treatment, please? Latest photo updated >3wks and no change

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This plants look like it was gotten from a seeds that come from of hybrid plants.
When you seeding a seed and it come from of a F1, the resultant plants are usally improductives, bit healthy and non resistant to pests (this is the bussines of the seed industry)
If this is the case, there is not a possible solution. It would be better that you seeding a seed gotten from an open pollination variety or a creole seeds.
I say this, because I see your plants very dwarf and with deformed leaves.
Another possible cause would be a disease provocated by a virus.

David Hughes 5 months ago

Is it possible something is chewing on this part of the plant? I can see it is in a pot- Are there other chili plants nearby?

Nando 5 months ago

Plant 1 stunted growth issue. 20170109 photos following daily/weekly progress

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