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Stilted growth of Sweet Peppers

I have stinted growth on my Green Peppers (unknown variety). The plants remain small and as can be seen in other photos the leaves don't look healthy. The plant in this image (Plant 1) is now 40cm high and was transplanted to the bed at the beginning of October. I have applied Epson salt as leaf spray on 10/12/2016. Plant 1 is in flower and the first pepper is now 3.5cm in length.

Stilted growth Plant 2 - only 15cm high - was planted at the beginning of October.

Stilled growth Plant 3.

Planting 2/Plant1 These plants were transplanted on 26/11/2016 and Epson salt applied as leaf spray on 10/12/2016. As can be seen it does not look healthy. Height now 15cm.

Method used: No dig, permaculture bed. Square foot planting.

Any advice will be appreciated.

Wellington, South Africa
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alex ignatov 4 months ago

I am afraid that your plants are virus-infected. It is common problem when you use non-tested seeds, but compost and other plants could be a source of infection as well for some viruses. Symptoms caused by viruses may differ on cultivars and under variable conditions. Look at http://vegetablemdonline.ppath.cornel...


David Hughes 4 months ago

I would have to think this is a heat stress problem Chris. Either directly because of high temperatures or because of some interaction where the temps reduce the ability of the plant to sequester resources from the soil. Have you grown peppers in this spot before? Do you have soil PH readings? Any sign of below soil nematodes?

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