4 months ago

Missing corn silk

Something has taken off the silks from a number of ears. Silk just left to drop (in Australia). Suggestions please.

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Bernadine Wilde 4 months ago

Hi David, thanks for your reply. Definitely no deer in the area. Possums are a thought (we have ring tails and brush tails) but everything else has been left untouched (the upper ears are the ones being targeted and possums would have had to attack from the ground). The first thing I did was look for insect culprits but nothing visible. Someone has suggested birds, and there are lorikeets, galahs, rosellas and cockatoos in large numbers in our area but I've never seen any, anywhere near the vegie patch and I don't know if they would target silks. "Sigh"

David Hughes 4 months ago

Deer can sometimes cause such damage. Deer are not native in Australia but are introduced http://adrf.com.au/content/view/35/79/

Purdue has a good page on damage https://www.agriculture.purdue.edu/fn...

I would obviously recommend scouting in the evening for signs of insects, deer or other pests.

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