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avocado spots

what is this spot, what causes it? how can I prevent it? and how do I treat it here is southern Florida zone 11

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Seyla 5 months ago

That looks like damage from an Avocado Lace bug. They insert their needle like mouth piece into the bottom part of the leaf. That entrance hole often allows fungi like anthracnose fungi to enter the leaf. Not much is known about how to combat them but Green Lacewings are believe to be a natural predator. You can use chemicals that attack sucking insects also. I would go natural and use Neem oil. Use 1 1/3T of neem oil, enough dish soap or natural soap to break up the Neem oil, I cup of H2O2 and a gal of warm water. Spraying once or twice a month in the early morning or afternoon would help you control the pest problem.

David Hughes 5 months ago

This does like Avocado Lace Bug as Seyla suggested. It does occur in Florida. The control strategy of neem oil is a good low toxicity control measure.

Consider how many avocados you have and how much effort you need to invest. If you just have one or a few trees you can manage the problem. There have been reports of increased outbreaks so be aware of potential high levels of this bug surrounding you

Additional details I found interesting

Page 7 https://www.cdfa.ca.gov/files/pdf/Avo...

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