8 months ago

could this also be a nutrient deficiency

What causes this ring like effect on the top of the tomatos and then the weird looks like stretch marks on the other tomato

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Ed Moerman 8 months ago

To me the fruit-skin of the fruits on the right side has burst as a result of too high internal water pressure. Such a pressure can occur when:
- there is little evaporation
- high soil temperature
- low mineral content in the root zone.

David Hughes 8 months ago

This is not a physiological stress (lack of key nutrient). It looks like zippering
"Zippering is characterized by the presence of brown tissue (resembling a zipper) running down the sides of tomatoes, often from the stem to blossom end. Zippering is the result of an anther remaining attached to newly forming fruit. Some theorize it is also associated with incomplete shedding of flower petals when fruit is forming. There is little that can be done to prevent zippering, except selecting varieties that are not prone to this disorder."

Dr. Raffaele Giurato 8 months ago

I think that it is concentric cracking. In tomato fruit can occur as radial cracking that originates from the stem end down toward the blossom end and as concentric cracking, which occurs as rings around the stem scar. I'm okay with Ed Moerman having that description. The fruits has burst as a result of too high internal water pressure.

alex ignatov 7 months ago

The tomato fruits were at the stage of early maturing (stopped growing), when the plants had excess of water (rain or over-watering), this caused accumulation of water in plants and the fruits cracks ..

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