7 months ago

Transparent & Curling New Growth

We have only been having these issues for the past few weeks, shortly before repotting into a larger pot as she was rooted out. The new growth began to get lighter and lighter and now is transparent and the newest growth shows signs of leaf curl.

What is going on and what do we do about this? We have just fertilized for Autumn with BioGrow. We use ½ reverse osmosis filtered water and ½ tap water for watering.

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It could be iron deficiency. The main symptoms are the leaves loses its chlorophyll in the interveinal region (chlorosis/yellowing) but the veins remain green.

Generally iron deficiency may occurs due high soil pH or high soil magnesium level or excess application of liming materials or high phosphorus fertilizer.

Also excess soil moisture enhances the deficiency symptom.


BCH 7 months ago

Just wanted to let everyone following that the iron chelate was a huge success. We have green and healthy new growth again and she's really peeking up.

deactivated 7 months ago

Distilled or rain water is best..
I'm unfamiliar with bio grow..
Too much nitrogen and not enough phosphate or calcium could cause this.

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