12 months ago

Foliar issues on old variety of pear -- What is this?

red marks and somewhat 'gummy' feeling touching the red parts. The problem affects the top leaves, very young plant transplanted last autumn.

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David Hughes 12 months ago

I received some input from Kari Peters at Penn State that the problem may in fact be insect related. Pergaps rosy aphids? Can you see any small insects on the underside of the leaf?

Dr. Ravishankar Narayana 12 months ago

I think it may be Entomosporium Leaf Spot, a fungal disease caused by Entomosporium maculatum. The symptoms include appearance of circular, small red spots on young leaves. As the disease progress this spots may coalesce to form blotches. The disease is favored by cool and wet weather. Please remove the infected leaves and burn them. Also avoid wetting of leaf surface while watering. Provide proper air circulation around plant.

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