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about 11 hours ago

Avocado seed

I have tried several times to plant avocado seeds. Can someone help me figure out which side is the top (since seeds are round) and how to propagate them. Thank you

Jarrell, Texas
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1 day ago

Gourd plant leaves

Gourd plant leaves have a white "layer" on upper surface , wilt? What to do?

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1 day ago

Beet leaf stalks have hard brown spots

My beets have these symmetrical brown spots on the leaf stems. Leaves are fine, beets are fine. These spots are raised up (i.e. a side view will show a bump). Some look like...

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2 days ago

Pears growing , turn brown on the bottom then fall off

Growing pears turn brown on the bottom then fall off the tree prematurely , happens every year, please advise

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2 days ago

Tomato disease

Hi everyone, please let me know what's this disease and how to control it?

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3 days ago

Cocoa's health

What other kind of chemical spray does cocoa needs aside from insecticides

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4 days ago

Raised round appearance

My Basil has green healthy leaves. I went to pick some and the topside of the leaf has small round raised areas in the leaves more toward the tip area . The leaf looks healthy...

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5 days ago

Parsnips in containers.

I understand parsnips...just curious if anyone has ever grown them in a container before? If so what was the outcome? Thanks!

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5 days ago

Access to diagnostic algorithm

I'm confused. I see several sites published the following: ""PlantVillage provides access to a computerized plant diagnostic system that boasts an algorithm capable of...

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7 days ago

What type of berry is this?

What type of berries are? They are deep purple in color when ripe and green while growing. Inside there're about 50-100 brown seeds. It's odorless and kinda green inside when...

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7 days ago

Non-bearing Pear trees

Ok, We have one Keifer, and 2 LaConte pear trees 4, 2, and 3 years old respectively. They are in full sun. They developed many blooms but don't set fruit. We are totally stumped...

South Central Texas
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7 days ago

Mango tree from Cuba to Curacao

Hello, I got a Cuban mango tree whose leaves are crumpled and dry and the whole tree is lifeless. I wonder what I need to do make it healthy and let it grow. Thank...

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7 days ago

Fertilizer: spray v. Non-spray

Didn't know if the method of fertilizing made much of a difference but thought I would ask. Pros and cons?

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8 days ago

aloe vera

what are medicinal uses of aloe vera plant and are they edible?

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9 days ago

Okra leaves getting powdery mildew and leaf miner?

I have about 5 okra plants and all of them have this problem. I live in Bangalore, India. What is the best organic solution for this?

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10 days ago

Root rot?

Just need help figuring out what happened to my tomato plant. I live in lower Alabama and am inclined to blame this on heavy, daily rain. Any insight and/or advice for the...

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14 days ago

cucumber disease

What fungicide do you recommend for Bacillium Wilt in cucumbers

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14 days ago

What kind of insect damage?

I saw an insect infested field. A lot of bugs under the leaves (eggs, nymphs, adults). Heavy damage to entire crop and the fruits are not developing properly. What kind of...

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16 days ago

Diagnosis of walnut disease

The symptom are only on the leaves. Leaves necrosis follow the same pattern: first the tissue between the veins become chlorotic; then margin necrosis happen. Decreasing...

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16 days ago

Cotton wilt

During my field visit, a farmer was complaining about his cotton wilting from top to the bottom, observations was on leaves and flower wilting. What could this disease be.

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17 days ago

What I have to do with dried grafted bud?

Hi there, I'm from center Italy and I have a 3 years old lemon plant from seed. Probably it is a clone of the plant's mother because I used nuclear seeds. Anyway I tried...

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17 days ago

Maracuja (passiflora edulis) with white leaves: why?

Hi there, I'm from center Italy. I have two little plants of maracuja (passiflora edulis) from seeds, of about 3 months. I placed them under a shed where they received a...

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19 days ago

What caused this on my tomato

I have four early girl tomato plants. Today I harvested one tomato which looks like this. Can anyone let me know what is the reason? Thanks.

Boston, Massachusetts
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19 days ago

Cucumber tips are gone

What's eating the tips of my young cucumbers? It seems the blossom and tip is off but the rest of the baby cucumber is there. The plant itself is healthy.

Long Island, NY
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19 days ago

Yellowing along leaf veins in cucumber

Cucumber older leaves showing yellowing along veins, dorsal side of the leaf showing water soaked spots along veins. Infected plant showing normal growth along with fruits.

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