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1 day ago

Spots, yellowing and brown edges on leaves of tomato plant

I bought a tomato plant and transplanted it about 7 days ago. Now it is showing lots of yellow spots/holes on the older leaves and the lowest leaves are turning brown. What are...

State College, PA
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2 days ago

BLB Disease screening

Please give me reasons and solutions to get bacterial leaf blight (BLB) disease in rice for disease screening.

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3 days ago

Holes in leaves of peppers

Any ideas on what is causing this, and how to fix it?

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3 days ago

Young Guava plant leaves developing brown lesions & empty patches

I live in Houston TX & bought a young guava plant (perhaps 2 .5 feet high) from a nursery & have had it planted for about 1.5 months. I recently noticed that a few ...

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3 days ago

How many tubers per hectare potato?

I would like to know how many tubers I need per hectare of potato plantation

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4 days ago

Bluelake bush beans

Could you please tell me what you think this is?Iv not seen anything like this before in my many years of gardening.The weather here in Oregon has gone from the 80s one week to...

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4 days ago

Walnut disease?

It is 2 years old walnut and something is wrong.. Please help, thanks!

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5 days ago

Problem with beets

What's up with these beet leaves? They are really struggling.

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5 days ago

Problem with peas

What's going on with these pea plants? The bottom leaves appear to be dead and the top is doing well?

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4 days ago

Swiss chard issue

What's going on with this swiss chard? The leaves appear to be scorched.

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5 days ago

Black seed coat on soybean plants grown in Florida

I recently received seed from plants I had grown in Florida for our winter nursery. We received several individual plants with seeds with tight constricted pods. The seeds in...

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How should I treat this tomato plant

How would you recommend to treat this plant ? Some ecological insecticide? The plant has holes caused by an insect at night. You can see that even leave their waste on the plant.

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7 days ago

How to plant and grow corn

I have plant corn how do I care and feed it to grow ?

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7 days ago

Yellowing and spotted leaves on cucumber plant

Don't know how to correct this. Is it fungus, bugs, nutrition, watering?

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8 days ago

Weird growth on aloe plant

Is this some kind of insect egg or part of the plant? I've had this plant for 5+ years. Never seen this before.

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8 days ago

English Walnut Tree

I have an old English Walnut tree that has an orange yellow looking fungus. What is it and how do we treat it? Please see pictures.

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8 days ago

Why do my pistachio plants not want to grow up?

Hello from Center Italy! I have a female pistachio's plant bought 3 years ago. I had it in a tray for a year and in 2014 I planted it. I noticed that it didn't grew up a lot,...

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9 days ago

Cassava in Myanmar

I was wondering who I could contact to buy large numbers of stems for planting good varieties in Myanmar Thanks, John

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9 days ago

Growing mint with gomphrena amaranth.

I have this large pot and I got this idea of growing spearmint (podina) with the gomphrena seeds that I have. I got gomphrena from the seed store after I asked what can I plant...

Karachi, Pakistan
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10 days ago

Is this leaf discoloration normal?

There is some yellowing and browning on some of the leaves of my lemon tree. The tree is fruiting. There are two lemons growing currently and there has been a lot of flowering....

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11 days ago

What are these bugs on my bean plants?

These are on my bean plants. What are they? Look like ladybug. Could they be causing these holes?

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10 days ago


My cucumber plants have something wrong with them. The leaves are getting bumps and turning light green and brown. Please help.

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11 days ago

Why do Kale leaves have white spots?

I have two small kale plants. Since planting them 2 weeks ago, I've noticed small white spots on some of the kale leaves. Is this a bug? Are the leaves still edible? Is it...

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Mint plant fungus?

I have no luck with plants: the ones I keep outside, on the balcony, always get aphides; the ones that I keep inside, in my room, alwasy develop this form of spots on the leafs...

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12 days ago

Tangerine tree issues

I don't know what is going on with the leaves on my tangerine tree. The fruit is starting to grow - a lot of it - so I guess that's good. I just wonder if whatever is going on...

South of Houston. Halfway to Galveston.
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