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about 2 hours ago

Adding fruits or vegitables to the Plant Village list

There are some fruits and vegetables that are not added to the list ! would guys be interested to add them

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about 10 hours ago

Mint with white spots on leaves

My mint starts to be full of clear spots on its leaves. Is this a disease or a nutrient deficiency? I have some thyme nearby with the same symptoms.

Geneva, Switzerland
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1 day ago

Red Bell Pepper leaves are closing

The leaves on my red bell pepper plant are closing. The temperatures here have reached triple digit for the past few weeks. Is this a heat issue, too much sunlight, insects,...

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1 day ago

Avocado tree with brown edges on the leaves, how do you fix it?

Avocado tree with brown edges on the leaves, how do you fix it?

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1 day ago

What is wrong with my cucumbers?!

Can anyone please tell me what is wrong with my cucumber plants? They grew quite well, but recently all my leaves have developed these yellow splotches and my now growing...

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1 day ago

Two weeks old common bean plants

Brown dry lessons in two-week old common bean plants

Zamorano, Honduras
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1 day ago

Fav Walnut Tree

How do I get rid of the lichen on my walnut tree? And what are the small lots of mushroom like fungus on the tree please? 😊

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2 days ago

Symptom in Zea mais - what is it?

It is a plant that is above the two thousand high sea level, is 155 cm, climate is warm. Several plants show this feature

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2 days ago

Pecan seedlings die after spots on leaves: why?

Hello. I had 5 plants of pecan nuts from seeds but one by one they started to die. It starts with some spots on the leaves and after some days the plant dies. I tried with...

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3 days ago

Red Bell Pepper leaves are closing

The leaves on my red bell pepper plants are closing. I have sprayed the leaves with the canola oil and dish soap mixture recommended on this website to protect the plant from...

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3 days ago

What is this? A physiological disorder or a disease?

This is a chinese eggplant grown in a greenhouse. Some of the plants have the leaves with these patches and stunned development of the fruits. What could be the cause of this...

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3 days ago

My walnut orchard on some of the tree leaf getting dry.

Some of the leaves of the walnut start to dry early July.

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4 days ago

Virus or nutrient deficiency?

I'm really worried about these tomatoes. They are in a fairly new aquaponic system, so I was thinking nutrient deficiency, but I'm getting more and more afraid that they have a...

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4 days ago

Help please

Can anyone tell me what's wrong with my pole beans please. The leaves I cut off were very curled and crispy around the edges.

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4 days ago

Sudden drying of apple and cherries

Hello, My apple and cherry trees is showing a sudden yellowing of leaves in three days and they are drying out. I am not sure what caused this. Any advice is greatly...

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4 days ago

Help please

My yellow bush beans died and when I pulled them out I found this on the roots. Do you know what it is? And what can I do about it.i have pole beans in the same place, are they...

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5 days ago

When and how to graft a Feijoa (Acca Sellowiana)?

Hello everyone! I have a Feijoa plant but I don't really know when it will make fruits because the seller didn't knew the cultivar or if it is from seed. So, my intention is...

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5 days ago

Indoor cacao plant dying

I have had a cacao tree for several years (4-5?) and the one pictured is a 1.5-year-old cutting from that. I've been growing it in potting mix under an east facing window for...

Syracuse, NY
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6 days ago

Deformed figs

Can anyone tell me what is causing deformities in my figs? They are both in containers. The Black Madara is in a self watering containers and the Black Mission is in the same...

Long Beach, Ca 90805
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7 days ago

Cocoa can't get big

My cocoa can't get big before they ripe, they get ripen even when they are small.

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7 days ago

walnut tree leaves dry on tree

Hi, i have a walnut tree in my backyard. At the begining of summer its leaves start to dry one by one and its getting worse every year. This year almost half of the tree became...

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8 days ago

Papaya Tree Leaves dying

My papaya is located outdoor and watered regularly. It is fruiting generously but I dont know why all of the sudden the leaves started turning brown and dying. Is it lack of...

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8 days ago

Avocado tree with brown edges on the leaves, how do you fix it?

Avocado tree with brown edges on the leaves, how do you fix it?

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8 days ago

Browning of leaf edge

My plant is yet to be transplanted into a pot, it is still in d bag I bought it in. I have had it for two weeks, watering it twice. I noticed the browning and it is getting...

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8 days ago

Disease in greenhouse cucumber

I want to know what is the disease on my greenhouse cucumber plant?

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