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about 2 hours ago

unknown eggs

What kind of egg are these.? Can somebody help me?

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about 21 hours ago

Requirement of groundnut leaf images

I requires leaf images of groundnut plant. Kindly provide the images of the healthy and diseased leaves(infected by fungal). It would be of great help to us . Thanks.

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3 days ago

White growth in Cardamom plantation

This is a problem I noticed last month in my father's plantation. We are not aware of this. White color spreading around the one plant and it is spreading to other plants also....

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4 days ago

Fig plant

I have a 4 year old big fig tree in my garden, the fruits are getting down in very small size not even a single fruit is grown up to big size, but in each and every leaf there...

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6 days ago

How to download images?

Hello, How can I download images from this website? Are there some zip files or files with names that can be wget-ed from terminal? Okay I have somehow stumbled upon this...

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6 days ago

Identify pest?

What kind of insect is this? Is it a beneficial or not?

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6 days ago

Identify possible pest

Help me to identify this kind of insect. Thank you.

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6 days ago

Identify possible pest please.

Can anyone help me to identify this kind of insect? I found this in a leaf of eggplant.

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6 days ago

Red Thai Dragon chilli

What feeding program can I use to to nourish my plant as well as prevent the yellow leaf drop. We have had extreme variations in weather patterns this year and go from days of...

Benoni, Gauteng, South Africa
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7 days ago

Should I train my pecan young plants?

Hi there, Me again with a new question about pecans! I have two grafted young plants (Kiowa and Cape Fear) of about two years, planted in March. I read a lot about pecan...

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9 days ago


Tiny fruit fails to stay on the tree and all falls off at once. Why?

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9 days ago

Why Midrib bends ?

The midrib of new emerging leaf of banana plant bends. What is the controlling steps ?

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10 days ago

chilli flower dying

the plant is healthy and showing no signs of distress the flower forms and turns brown as I believe it should then the stem holding it dies and it falls off the plant.

Fife Scotland
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10 days ago

most of my pear tree leaves are light yellow to white, a little green veins can bee seen on some leaves.

My pear tree's leaves are light yellow to white, some green veins can be seen in some leaves.

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10 days ago

Why so big?

Why would a tree start producing fruit this big about nine years ago? Some can cover a grown man's face.

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11 days ago

Identify pest?

Why is it important to properly identify pest and what is the importance of knowing the damages caused by insects, pathogens and weeds?

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11 days ago

Unknown damage

Not sure what is going on here as I am new to gardening and especially growing blackberries. Leaves started with grayish/white markes that you see in pic number 2 then turned...

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11 days ago

Toxic mold in tangerine???

Is there a way to identify this mold from pictures? Thanks. Pat

Tucson Arizona
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12 days ago

How to use zinc sulphate heptahydrate in agriculture?

Hi there! I would like to know how to use zinc sulphate. I bought zinc sulphate heptahydrate and will spray it on my pecans. I read values for zinc sulphate (36%). I...

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14 days ago

How to fertilize pecan plants?

Hi there! I'm from Center Italy and I have two 2 years old pecan grafted plants. I would like to fertilize them with chemical fertilizers. I can use a 15-9-15 slow release...

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14 days ago


How and when should I prune my fig tree. It is an indoor tree about 4 ft tall

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14 days ago

Fig tree

What kind of fertilizer should I use for my fig tree. It is an inside plant about 4 feet tall. Gives off fruit, but not a lot. They sometimes drop before edible.

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15 days ago

Kinsington mango tree

Hi all I have a young mango tree that is really struggling. I have recently added potash to soil and copper fungicide fortnightly over the past 6 weeks. The disease is still...

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16 days ago

White spot on mango leaf

How to get rid of this disease as these plants are only two years old and showing poor growth.

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16 days ago

Fig tree disease

What disease am I dealing with on my Italian fig tree

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