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1 day ago

Red chili leaves curling downwards and stop growing

My red chili plant leaves are curling and stopped growing. No insect can be seen under the leaves or stem. Tried to use confidor (neonicotinoids ) without any success. Please...

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1 day ago

Cotton plant with disease symptoms

Some cotton plants in my farm are showing drying symptoms. Usually I don't get this problem on cotton. The planted cotton variety is RCH-656 BGII. Height of plant is about 4.6...

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2 days ago

Worms in cabbages

Can anybody help me to ID this insect? It seems that is eating and making holes in the leaf.

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2 days ago

Transparent & Curling New Growth

We have only been having these issues for the past few weeks, shortly before repotting into a larger pot as she was rooted out. The new growth began to get lighter and lighter...

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2 days ago

Urine Fertilization On Lime Trees

Hi I have been hearing about Urine fertilization. I want to try it out on my lime trees because I have been wasting this vital resource for years flushing it down the toilet....

Trinidad & Tobago
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2 days ago

How to prevent pests when planting Celery

Hi I am about to plant celery for the first time. I would like to know how to prevent pests before it happens. In other words what regime or preventative pest control can I...

Trinidad & Tobago
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3 days ago

Scale insects on my coffee plant

I have coffee plant in my garden, usually I see small insect which is not moving to any where, and they are brown in color. It produces sweet sugar in which all the other...

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4 days ago

Cucumber fruits die while about 1 cm long.

I have planted 4 cucumber vines and You have to believe that the crop was about 15 mature fruits,95% died together with flowers with description as something burned them,they...

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4 days ago

Can't grow Mint

Just that I cannot get Mint to grow, I am trying to grow in a 6" PVC pipe. the first set I planted I know the soil was suspect so I changed it out, I put coconut fiber &...

Barbados [ caribbean ]
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5 days ago

Grape Leaf Dark Staining

Hi I'm very new to grape vines and have always wanted to grow my own. I now have 5 young vines growing in the south of France and most of them have developed the kind of...

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5 days ago

Orange Fruit decay

Orange fruit. Don't know what is happening to my Tree. Early mature fruit drops with this black rounded region. Beautiful big orange fruit but ROTTEN. Have tried food...

Laredo Texas 78046
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5 days ago

Insect of paddy.

Insect of paddy which is at larval stage and is orange in colour. It's found in Stem. Please help in identifying the insect. Thanks! Rupinder

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7 days ago

I want to do pineapple farming in Iran

Hi, I wanted to know which place in Iran is good for pineapple farming? Can I grow pineapples in shomal area or not? Any advice will be welcome. Thanks

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7 days ago

Insect of Egg Plant

These insects are on leaf of egg plant but I am unable to identify them. Request the experts to identify. Thanks! Rupinder

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Varieties of bananas locally available

Discuss about following different types of bananas locally available, their distribution and appearance. 1. apple banana 2. cooking type 3. roasting type 4. beer type

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9 days ago

Colorless leaves

Apparition of a colorless bands and spots on several leaves, I think that is more of a mineral deficiency, what do you think? and Thank you.

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10 days ago

Is this a hazelnut gone wrong!?

Hi, I hope you might be able to help me identify this plant. Is it looks like a little hazel?

Sussex. England
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10 days ago


What about the pathological description about Leaf spot in Turmeric?

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11 days ago

Tangerine tree leaves turning yellow

I have a rougly 3.5 feet young Tangerine tree that i planted in early Spring here in Houston, TX. A few months ago, I noticed that the base of where the tree stem ended, some of...

1 answer · 77 visits

10 days ago

Cause of stunted growth in cocoa and its solutions

What is the solution for the cocoa with stunted growth which am not happy about it please fellows help out thank you.

1 answer · 50 visits

12 days ago

Help me to understand this problem in greenhouse eggplant

Chlorotic leaves with irregular spots; symptoms appear only on older leaves. Percentage/damage about 80% of plants affected in the greenhouse. Night temperature 13-18 ° C,...

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12 days ago

My cucumber plants have significantly more female flowers than male flowers

I've been gardening for many years now and this is the first time this has happened. Generally, cucumber plants grow male flowers first then, female flowers appear days later....

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14 days ago

What are these spots

Can someone please tell me what these spots are on my tomatoes? Are they safe to eat and how do I prevent them in the future. Thank you

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14 days ago

To prune or not to prune

We started our avocado from a pit a little more than a year ago. Once the roots came out and the foliage began to show we planted it into a small pot. Shortly into Spring we put...

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15 days ago

Help! Spotted Oregano Leaves

My oregano has been doing well until I harvested it recently. Tiny black spots seem to be appearing on the leaves and I have pinched off those leaves. The spots kept reappearing...

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