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about 8 hours ago

Growth physiology

Why tropical fruit exhibits poor performance in temperate zones?

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2 days ago

Green Chilly powdery mildew disease

My plants are affected by powdery mildew disease can you please suggest suitable recommendations.

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4 days ago

Yellow marking on cucumber leaf, any idea of causal agent?

Plants are in nethouse, grafting in squash. Age 4 weeks. Watering EC water is 0.5 dS/m and pH 6.2

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4 days ago

tomato disease

Tomato plant aborting the flower, small fruits become dried but not all plants have the symptom. Is possible some virus? Help me please, is this possible the same virus occurs...

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5 days ago

banana leaf getting dry

banana leaf getting dry .drying starts from the lower leaf .what may be the issue and remedy

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6 days ago

My Basil plant is not growing and its dying.

I have provided some photographs of my basil plant. Kindly suggest some remedy. The leaves are drying and dying. Also there are holes in the leaves and it seems some insects...

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7 days ago

Tomato problem

Tomato plant aborting the flower, small fruits become dried but not all plants have the symptom. What is the reason?

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9 days ago

Winter care for papaya tree

Winter season is approaching near, so what care should I take during winter season .

India (Western region)
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9 days ago

Something is growing from my mandarin fruits

Hi, I have 6-7 fruits with something growing from them. i also have a branch with one infected fruit and one regular. So what is it? is it safe to eat the other fruits? can it...

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10 days ago

avocado seed problem with skin getting red dots at the cleavage fissure

im in the midst of sprouting an avocodo seed. it wouldnt show movement at the cleavage line so i -Dont make fun- started singing to it. it worked, the fissure line started to...

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11 days ago

Ginger Crop Management

I am a ginger farmer. We have planted ginger on June 12th. We continuously received rain for 20 days in the month of September and we couldn't provide enough fertilize dosage....

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11 days ago

Diseases caused by bacteria, virus, fungi and other microbes that are transmitted by vectors

Please provide information on insect pests of rice that are transmitting microorganisms which causes disease.

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12 days ago

My Basil plant is not growing and its dying.

As provided in the picture there are brown spots and holes in the leaves of my basil plant. Also the leaves are getting dried from the side and slowly falling. There are yellow...

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12 days ago

Watermelon Leaves turning Yellow

I have a garden of around two acres planted with watermelon.the plants are about 45 days old.I have recently discovered that the old leaves are turning yellow and then...

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13 days ago

What's happening to my pecan plant?

Hi there! I'm from center Italy and I planted in March, two grafted pecan plants, about 2 years old, a Cape Fear and a Kiowa. The Cape Fear grew better than Kiowa. After...

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14 days ago

Find a App

Is there a App for plantvillage, I read some where there is a App I went to the App Store and could not fine any reference to one.

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15 days ago

Ginger leaves turn brown and dry out

Hi All. I have a small ginger garden and it is planted 6 month back. Now I have noticed that the all the leaves(starting from lower) are turning brown and dry out. But the...

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15 days ago

Problem with leaves of raspberries

I think the problem is with lack of some of chemical elements...

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17 days ago

could this also be a nutrient deficiency

What causes this ring like effect on the top of the tomatos and then the weird looks like stretch marks on the other tomato

Boston, Massachusetts
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17 days ago


What causes wilting of beans despite the fact that there is enough moisture in the soil

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17 days ago

decease of my Mango tree.

I am not sure, what is the issue but within 4 days of time, Mango tree leafs lost the green and healthy and now its became dry. Please help me to get back of the healthy tree....

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18 days ago

ants in the potted soil

some of my plants like avocado and others suddenly was not doing well and then i started inspect for infestation but couldn't find anything yet it i saw that my soil was full of...

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18 days ago

Sugar Apple tree

same or maybe a different problem from my mangos !! this looks a bit more like a disease or a deficiency in a pot and growing well , never fed plz help reem

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18 days ago

mangos having sever dryness on the edges

my mangos are in a pot and they are pretty big, dont know if these brown very dry edges and some total dry leaves as u see in the phots are due to root bound or is it a another...

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18 days ago

Is my papaya tree bisexual?

I think my papaya tree is bisexual because if it was male then it would be having long stems of flowers at end .. anyone comment . And if it's bisexual when it will fruit .....

India (Western region)
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