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about 18 hours ago

Disease symptom for brinjal/ eggplant

Eggplant leafs have dried as shown in the picture pls let me know what is the disease. There was also yellow spots as shown in the picture pls let me know what is the disease in...

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3 days ago

Fruit bending, aphids and leaf holes.

Fruit bending, aphids and leaf holes observed on okra plants. Are they correlated? Thanks!

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4 days ago

Black dot insects on lemon grass

I have grown lemon grass from seeds. The plant seemed to be healthy, until recently when I noticed small black dot all over it. On careful observation I realized that they were...

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4 days ago

Slugs tracks on rhubarb

If rhubarb stalks have slug tracks on them, can they still be washed thoroughly and eaten?

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5 days ago

Collard plant has yellow brown leaves

My collards have got a brownish yellow colour on older leaves. What could be the reason?

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6 days ago

Tomato Problem

What could be problem causing wilting and yellowing of the tomato plants?

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6 days ago

How long can you keep thyme refrigerated

I have brought thyme about the beguiling this year. Is it still good to use if it's been stored in plastic on the refrigerator?

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7 days ago

Watermelon seedling yellow between veins

I recently got a free watermelon seedling and after growing it in a little pot for a few days decided to transfer it to a larger pot also containing some chili pepper seeds....

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7 days ago

Earthworms in raised gardens

I just harvested my compost worms and buried them with the spoiled stuff around the edge of the garden. How do I keep them alive and healthy?

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10 days ago

Kale Yellow Spots

My kale has yellow spots underneath and its killing my kale. Can you please tell me what it is and how to treat them. ********Update*********** The spots wash off with...

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11 days ago

Fungi control by integrated pest Managements (IPM)

What are the best methods to control fungi in the onion nursery bed.

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11 days ago

Tomato seeds not germinating

I am having a problem in germinating the tomato seeds. First, I tried by placing seeds inside the paper towels and later in tiny individual pod trays but no result. Now I am...

Fort Worth, Texas
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12 days ago

Problem with tomato plants

Can anybody help me, I planted the tomato seedlings about 2 weeks ago and a few of them showing this kind of symptoms.

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13 days ago

Yellowing of banana leaves

Banana plants are nearly 6 months old. I am giving proper irrigation and organic manure to the plants. Now, due to some reason the leaves are turning yellow and some plants fell...

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16 days ago

Could be a bacterial disease?

My 23 days old tomato seedling cotyledons exhibit spots like chemical burn or bacterial. Please help me in identifying the problem.

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Gold fungus on leaves

I just moved to this home in March and there are wild blackberries on the property. They have bloomed and have blackberries on them (not ready to pick yet of course) I am in VA....

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17 days ago

Avocado looks sick

Hi all, I am new here and glad I found this site. I had two avocado tree's. One died because of heavy rains as I live in mid Florida, the other which is pictured has now started...

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17 days ago

Tomato plants with tiny cuts in leaves

I live in Northern Virginia and these tomatoes are grown in containers on a deck that gets a lot of sun. They were planted when it seemed like summer (high 70s) and then, this...

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18 days ago

Iceberg Lettuce red instead of green

these are my iceberg lettuce plants 3 have a red thing going on and 2 look green but one has a tear up one of the leaves - I myself am pretty green (new) to gardening and its my...

Boston, Massachusetts
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18 days ago

Tomato Pruning

Does pruning your tomato plant open up the possibility of fungal diseases? If so, what is the best prevention treatment?

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19 days ago

Spinach plants yellow with spots

what do you think is going on with these spinach plants - I live in New England it has been around 50 degrees and kind of wet for May

Boston, Massachusetts
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19 days ago

Avocado leaves turning brown and falling off

My greenhouse avocado trees are starting to brown in this way on all the leaves. New leaves are still growing but the old ones continue to get worse with this type of inter-vein...

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19 days ago

White spots on kale

My kales have white spots, what pesticide should I apply? Thanks Mr. Mlamba

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19 days ago

Asked the solution for mango malformation

Dear All, In Myanmar, some mango happened such kind of malformation and may I know, what is this and how to manage it. Best regards, Myo Aung

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22 days ago

Is this pear fire blight?

I made this nashi's graft 3 months ago and I noticed this strange desiccation. Could it be fire blight?

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