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about 4 hours ago

Floral distortion like appearance in mustard

What could be the probable cause of floral distortion in a mustard crop which is also having a heavy infestation of aphids. Thanks!

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about 20 hours ago


I am a farmer in Somalia, and I have a problem with my Banana plants. Is it possible to know the cause and the treatment. Thanks and much appreciation to you.

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1 day ago

Bell pepper problem

Hi to everyone. My bell peppers are turning black. What is the problem of these plants? Can you please help me?

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2 days ago

Peach trees disease?

I have several trees infected with the same disease. The oldest leaves are the most damaged. The leaves have small yellow spots and purple stains. ---Update----- Thank you for...

Costa rica
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2 days ago

Asimina Triloba or Pawpaw pest control?

Hi there, I didn't found Asimina Triloba in the "specific plant" area so I made this one in general question. I have two Asimina Triloba (pawpaw) and I noticed that a flower...

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3 days ago

Onion pest control

How to control pests like trips and aphids on onion plant and what can be used to make leaves colorful and shinny. Please guide about pesticides. Region: Balochistan,...

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2 days ago

Leaves don't look that good

My leaves look like this. Is something wrong? It's a black avocado and it is planted in Tampa, Fl. It does have some fruit on it.

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3 days ago

Manual inoculation under greenhouse of the rice yellow mottle virus with 3 varieties of rice

Which is the composition of the plug of inoculation for the rice yellow mottle virus? How to proceed so that the inoculation be successes ?

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4 days ago

Avocado (Aguacate)

Necrosis on tips of avocado leaves. It appears in old leaves of the growth of the previous cycle in all the tree. (Necrosis en puntas de las hojas de aguacate. Se presenta en...

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4 days ago

Planting of cocoyam

Can the Corm of cocoyam be planted instead of the sucker ?

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5 days ago

Identifying and troubleshooting cauliflower diseases

Concerning dicoloration of leaves. Insect's or fungus? ---Update--- Here you go. Just discovered progression of what seems to be a fast spreading. Hope picture helps.

South Georgia
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4 days ago

Spikes are without seed

Spikes are without seed. This is found in patches, especially at the bounds of the field. There are no symptoms in the adjacent wheat field. What could be the cause.

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5 days ago

Powdery mass on wheat leaves and on Awns

Powdery mass on wheat leaves and awns, symptoms resembles powdery mildew of wheat. Please identify the same. Thanks!

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5 days ago

Problem with my cucumber plants

The leaves of the cucumber plants become white and then brown-yellow in color. Fruits are bending. Also, some insects are eating the leaf surface. Please provide some control...

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6 days ago

Lemon tree leaf curling, yellowing and new leaves are purple?

I am not sure what to do, I repotted the last fall so I an not sure this is the problem. I have around 5 and some are larger then others but all seem to have the same problems....

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8 days ago

Apple pear affected by nectria canker?

Hi there! I have this apple pear/Asian pear/nashi pear. I noticed these blackenings near some cuts made 2 months ago by the nurseryman when I bought it. When I cut the...

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8 days ago

Cabbage family - disease

I have a problem with my young plants (cabbage family). The leaves of young plants are dying. The plants are transplanted two weeks back. Thanks for any advice and help. And...

Grenada W.I. (tropical region)
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9 days ago

Blackberries dying before ripening

My 3 year old blackberry plant is huge, has tons of flowers but the fruits are starting to die before it ripens (Also it seems the plant is flowering little too early). I had...

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10 days ago

Branch ends

The branch ends on my mango tree are deformed. All the new leaves are growing out of a clump on the end of the branch. Full sun, C/Qld no fruit for several years.

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10 days ago

My papaya tree had just fallen over.

My papaya tree approx 8years old .It had a lot of fruit this year. It has just fallen to the ground. Can I cut off the rotting base and replant it? What depth and what...

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11 days ago

Avocado tree leaves turing brown

Hi My 1 year old avocado tree's leave suddenly started turning brown about a month ago. At the same time all new growth stopped for two weeks. It has since grown new leaves...

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12 days ago

What kind of grafting method is used on pecan plants in container?

Hi there, do you know what kind of grafting method should be used on pecan plants in container? I have two plants, 2-3 years old and according to me they have been grafted...

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12 days ago

Increasing fruit heat

Can I increase the heat rating of my chillis if I feed them a combination of same heat chillies blended in a water based solution so that the capsaicin is taken up by the roots...

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15 days ago

What's happening to my grafted lemon?

Hi there, I'm from center Italy and I have this grafted lemon plant. It is a lemon seedling as rootstock and it is inside a 40 cm (about 18") pot. I budded it in July 2016...

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Gourd disease

What is the reason for drying of gourd leaves? The plant is growing well and produces healthy leaves but one month later the leaves are drying out.

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