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about 13 hours ago

Cracking of mango fruits

Mango fruits of my tree are cracking. What kind of disease is this and please suggest control measure for next season? I am located in Myanmar.

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1 day ago

Control of meristematic rot in Chinese cabbage

I would like to know what chemicals I can use to control meristem rot in Chinese cabbage

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2 days ago

Small Onions

I am planing to plant small onion in my backyard. My questions are : 1. what is the best time to plant the bulb? 2. What should be the gap between each raw? 3. What is the...

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3 days ago

Fig tree disease/pest?

This Spring I have seen whitish "stuff" coming out or off of the bark on one of my fig trees. It doesn't seem very strong and fall off with the hose. Someone has mentioned to...

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3 days ago

Banana disease

Banana rhizomes are compressed and hard, along with a red streak in the middle of the pseudo-stem. What is the reason?

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3 days ago

Unidentified bumps on pumpkin leaves

I planted some Curbita Maxima seeds in late March this year indoors due to cold weather conditions hoping to be able to make the best of a short growing season (in the...

The Netherlands
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5 days ago

White stuff on center vein of leaves

I am looking to purchase a property near Lake Okeechobee which has a lovely little guava tree. I noticed multiple narrow white (fluffly like but not big) things along the...

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6 days ago

Big tree no fruits (rose apple)

The plant shown above was planted 5 years ago. It is in the 6th year of its growth. But there is no flowering yet. What is the reason? What should be done to initiate flowering...

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Tomato seedlings

My Tomato seedlings have white spots on some of them and seem like some leaves are drying up. What can it be? They are still under lights as I live in CT and have like 3 weeks...

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7 days ago

wheat image leaf data set

I tnzeel from Sudan, and am student master in Computer Science University. My thesis topic is , recognition pathology using image processing and neural networks , I choose...

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7 days ago

Remedy for the disease of Guava

Every time it starts flowering I notice this white powdery thing on the branches of my guava tree. I spray fungicides, insecticides and the disease is by and large taken care...

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8 days ago

Rice leaf dataset

I live in Bangladesh. I am final year student of Computer Science and Engineering at Khulna University. My thesis topic is Agricultural image processing. If you kindly give some...

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9 days ago

Defoliation of pear tree caused by leaf rolling grub

This morning in a garden where I work I noticed that all the pear cordons had a number of young leaves that were rolled tightly and sealed shut with silk webbing. When I opened...

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9 days ago

Tanjore wilt

The symptoms look similar to that of TANJORE WILT. There is sudden attack found in many trees. Which is the best method to control the spread of the disease? What are all the...

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10 days ago

Leaf image dataset for Nutrient deficiency symptom

I am in need of Leaf image dataset for Nutrient deficiency symptom for my research work on diagnosing deficiency symptoms from plant leaf image using image processing. I...

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10 days ago

What can cause such disease on winter wheat?

Many plants have typical necrotic lesions on stem nodes. Overall, plants are in good shape so far.

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11 days ago

Mango tree not growing

My mango trees are 10 months old. But suddenly the growth of trees is stopped, leaves losing its color and appear drying even after the water is given. After one or two months...

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12 days ago

Stem rot symptoms were seen on greenhouse-grown tomato during the 2017 winter

Affected tomato plants showed darkening of the stem and a severe stem rot symptoms. I think it's a bacterial disease... Which bacterium causes these symptoms? It is the first...

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12 days ago

Avocado seedling is not growing

I don't know why, but it's been like this for 3 months and won't grow. However, the root is growing. So I'm wondering why the stem is not growing. Any help would be appreciated.

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13 days ago

What can cause such disease?

Such symptoms are present in glasshouse since 2015. All tested fungicides had no effect, microbiological analysis show presence of Pythium debaryanum, Stenotrophomonas...

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13 days ago

stem bleeding

Which is the best control measure for stem bleeding?

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14 days ago

Three week cowpea plants dying.

My cowpea plants are three weeks and the seedlings are dying. The color of the leaves changes to pale yellow and dies a few days later. It has been raining a lot these past days...

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17 days ago

Scorching of leaves in nutmeg with dieback symptoms

My nutmeg tree is showing a sudden drying of leaves in dieback pattern. What is the cause and suitable management practice?

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18 days ago

Yellowing of carrot leaves?

I have few carrot plants. Two weeks ago I added much needed fertilizer, mostly they are doing good. I pulled out 5 recently, 2 were very pale, 1 was tinny and two were...

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17 days ago

Holes on sweet potato leaves

I live in Dubai and I am new to gardening. I have a single sweet potato plant just for decoration. Holes started to appear in the leaves. Initially they started as a brownish...

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