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2 days ago

Brown spots on aloe vera plant.

Brown spots all over my aloe vera. This started several years ago and despite my efforts, it has only gotten worse. It's a very old plant and I don't want to loose it. I'm...

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5 days ago

Missing leaves - another form of "skeletonized"

Section by section, leaves on my four-year old scarlet runner bean plant completely disappeared. Pod production had begun. No debris or worm droppings on the ground. I clipped...

San Francisco
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5 days ago

Pomegranate dataset

Could you please share fruit and leaves image data set of pomegranate for its disease identification.

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6 days ago

Sick guava tree

I grew my tree from a seed about 2 years ago. Ever since transplanting it to my backyard from a pot, almost all leaves end up with holes. The fruits are also getting eaten by...

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8 days ago


These infected papaya trees have been reported recently from my farm and I don't know what is wrong with them so please tell me the name of the disease and the casual organism...

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9 days ago

Worm leaves eater

How can I combat this kind of insect without using strong chemicals or poisons?

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8 days ago

What can cause surface maceration of cucumber fruit in greenhouse?

Mature fruits of cucumber grown on hydroponics under optimal conditions (industrial glasshouse, winter rotation) became sticky and smell like semi-fermented (fresh-salted)...

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10 days ago

leaf miners

can you eat leaves that have been affected by leaf miners

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14 days ago

When to prune a fig tree

Hello, after a freeze 2 years ago then the following season my fig tree did not bear fruit. Then the following Fall, the fruit was very tiny. It seems to be coming back but...

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15 days ago


What could be the cause of cracking the fruit of guava

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15 days ago


The leaves of my guava shows this kind of lesions. Can anyone tell me what is the cause and how to control it ?

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15 days ago

Did I pruned my pecan the right way?

Hi there, I have this 2 year old Kiowa pecan plant planted in March 2016. I pruned it last week. Now I wonder if I cut it too low. Should I have cut it a little bit...

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16 days ago

HELP!!! Help me identify these brown spots on my aloe plant

I've had this plant for over 6 years and feel like it's one of my children. I believe it's over 10 years old and had been in great health up until 4 months ago. It started...

Massachusetts USA
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17 days ago

How to treat asian pear (nashi, Apple pear, pyrus pyrifolia)?

Hi there, Can someone tell me how to treat diseases of Asian pears? When and what kind of chemicals are used against diseases? Thank you!

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20 days ago


I am in Somalia, with tropical climate, I often encounter this problem on my citrus, I did not know how to prevent it at the beginning, and when it first appeared, what should I...

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21 days ago

leaf miners

what type of insecticide do I use for leaf miners on basil leafs and basil plants

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22 days ago

Is this a Paw Paw plant?

I have had a couple of paw paw plants self-seed in my veggie garden from seeds that had been put into the compost. I'm wondering if you can identify this plant. It sort of looks...

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23 days ago

What is this disease on my cucumber

Hell, is it possible to know the cause and treatment?

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24 days ago

Are these droplets of (sap?) on my papaya trunk and leaves normal and healthy?

Question: I have all these tiny droplets of sap or something dotting the trunk and leaves of my papaya plant. I've searched online for a possible cause, or even for reassurance...

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25 days ago

Chilli plant leaf discolored and dry.

Hi everyone. I have a chili plant but its leaves are discolored and dry. I did check underside of it, no sign of thrips or insects. What is the likely reasons?

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25 days ago

walnut colors

Hi, our walnuts color change from year to year! How can we reach to light color in walnuts?(such as irrigation procedure or use special fertilizers or special pruning method...

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25 days ago

Regarding download of Images

When I download the images, it comes as a csv file with the web links. How do I download the actual images of the crops?

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27 days ago

White lines on okra

I have okra plant which has been producing fruits since 2 months. Now there are white lines on the okra fruit. Is it due to fly? Spider? All okra fruits are suffering from the...

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30 days ago

Control for Insects in mango fruit

Please suggest control for Insects in mango fruit. Old mango tree, Insects found in the fruits for last 3/4 years.

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about 1 month ago

Mystery fruit

Hi, A friend of mine found this fruit and we are wondering what it is. Thank you

Syracuse, NY
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